Paying homage to some quality music with the retro-style of John Lennon.

Normally an aviator kinda shady lady, but while at Target the other day, I came across these oversized rounded frames and figured trying them on wouldn’t hurt. Turns out, I liked what I saw and decided to take the plunge into the retro-inspired looks for 2013. Similar tint & beyond cheaper than Ray Ban brand shades, these Woodstock babes take us back to a simpler time, where rebellion was the norm and life was about coming out into your own.

Paired with an awesome fedora, one of many Target has to offer, I feel all around bohemian-chic with a touch of hippie. For a summer full of music concerts & festivals alike, daydreaming about how to incorporate these two accessories is much more appealing than the studying for finals I should be considering.

Check out the rounded frame trend these familiar faces: