Rise & Shine | Biossance


The move to NYC has made me very conscientious of my skin’s vitality. As someone with the driest skin known, the best products that work on me stem from the purest and most organic ingredients. So when I came across Biossance by Amyris I was instantly intrigued by it’s plant-derived nature and the simplicity of it’s application.

With 2-3ย drops each morning and night, my face, neck and body get an instant hydrated kick. It’s actually insane how little is needed to apply all over my 5’5″ self but much to my delight, less is more when it comes to revitalization. Guess what else? You can apply Biossance in more ways than one – think cuticle care, dry skin patches, hair serum and even as a booster for moisturizer & makeup!

The reason this Revitalizer is so effective is because it involves a moisturizer that’s already found naturally in the body and therefore, very receptive and easily absorbed. I literally felt a “glow” after one use and now it’s part of my everyday skincare routine. When it comes to what comes naturally, you can’t find a better alternative.

Biossance launches this month and 5 more products are expected to make the line up by 2016! Don’t miss out on restoring your own biological beauty.