IMG_4707IMG_4753IMG_4677IMG_4775IMG_4750IMG_4755IMG_5781IMG_5779Details: (g) Stories By Kelly Osbourne top || Forever 21 vest & shorts || Aldo boots || (g) Stelle Audio clutch

During the two times I’ve worn this particular blouse, I’ve grabbed the attention of many confused yet interested individuals regarding the spelling of the jumbled letters adorning the fabric. Well if the title didn’t assist you enough, the letters do in fact spell out, “STORIES.” Unlike any basic polka dot pattern, this statement of a top couldn’t be more unique as well as a better conversation starter. Ps, it definitely helped in that department.

On another note, ever have those moments where you feel like you need a suitcase of a purse or one the size made for a doll? I go back and forth on my necessities each day, ranging in quantity of products that must be by my side 24/7 (literally) or if I’m even in the mood to carry a bag in the first place. Luckily for those days I can travel lightly, I have the option to drop a beat – wirelessly or not – wherever I go. Talk about a two-in-one, am I right!?

Also if you’re looking for a wardrobe update, may I suggest digging into your summer archives and adding a pair of tights. Shop similar below:

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