Save Your Bag From The Rain & Sandy Beach Days!

Jacket: H&M

Top: Zara – – (I like this similar bodysuit style!)

Shorts: Forever 21

Booties: Saint Laurent

Bag: Save My Bag – – (also comes in a mini!)

It’s safe to assume not many of us enjoy getting caught in the rain, especially when our handbags get ruined in the process! I’ve lost count of how many bags I own have indications of water damage – since most of mine are leather, you can tell when they become stiff and the color fades to a sad, dry matte hue of what it once was.

Rainstorms are one thing to lose a bag to, but so are trips to the beach. Sure you can get a beach bag but do you really want to get that adorable thing entirely soaking wet when you forget to grab it before that high tide wave drowns it? Been there…

Thanks to Save My Bag, I can literally save my bag from all sorts of water damage I might subject it to on a given basis/weekend. Made in Italy of Poly-Fabric with Lycra ®®, this bag is chic and cruelty free, resilient and refined, super light and super unique. The signature fabric is a super soft blend that is even lighter than neoprene! Not to mention, it’s completely durable and can be used to cover your luxury bag or be worn as a style all on it’s own!

You’ll be seeing me toting this cute ‘Miss Bag‘ at the beach each weekend, keeping my valuables safe and out of water’s way!