‘Seas’ The Day In A Classic Sneaker | Reebok x DSW

This post was sponsored by Reebok as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central. All opinions expressed in this post are my own.



There’s nothing more signature than a white sneaker. In fact, I consider it a classic wardrobe staple that looks great with just about everything – from dresses & rompers to denim of all lengths. Not to mention they’re 100% more comfortable than sporting a heel, le duh! But despite the stylish comeback white sneakers have made over the last few years, there are only some that can represent satisfaction in both functionality and form.

For instance – not all sneakers are the best solutions to people who need arch support, as most can feel too flat after an entire day of wear. Also pointing out the obvious, white sneakers can be difficult to clean/keep clean depending on the material it’s made of. And finally, white sneakers aren’t the most ideal choice of color for certain activities that might lead to scuff marks.

As someone who spends most of her summer weekends riding on a boat, I’ve come to appreciate the functionality, form, and style of these Reebok Harmon sneakers. Not to mention my appreciation for the steal of a price that I scored them for at DSW! 
Here’s why these classic white sneakers are a great choice of kicks to wear on any boating adventure:
  • Even though most boating adventures don’t require shoes, it’s nice to have something with traction that makes getting around the boat easier when the current is rougher than usual – and you don’t have to worry about scuffing up the boat surface thanks to the Harmon’s clear rubber soles! 
  • The comfort of these white sneaks makes all day wear VERY DO-ABLE as these offer a ton of arch support! So even the flattest footed human won’t find herself taking a seat due to discomfort from standing for most of the adventure on the water.
  • And thankfully I don’t have to worry about getting these sneaks too dirty, as the leather material is easy to clean by simply wetting a rag to scrub off any marks that might appear after a day on the water.
Sporting these Reebok Harmon sneakers during my boat adventures over the weekend has provided me with an informative experience; opening my eyes to the versatility of a classic staple (white sneakers) that I’ve always adored, but now appreciate even more!

What really made me excited over these Reebok kicks is the fact I was able to score them for a deal at DSW – which is my go-to destination for all brand name shoes at a wallet-friendlier price! Who doesn’t love a great discount!?

I’m lucky to have two DSW locations near me in the city that allow in-store pickup when you purchase online. With my hectic schedule, finding the time to shop – for business or pleasure – is not easy. But thankfully I was able to find & purchase these exact sneakers with a quick search on the DSW mobile site and pick them up same day after my meeting near its Union Square location!