Setting The Bar | Miriam Merenfeld Jewelry


Two things about me you may not know already: 1. I’m a very superstitious individual and 2. Customized jewelry gives me goosebumps. Both of these ‘about me’ facts date back to when I was much younger. My dad would always encourage me to pick up heads-up pennies and collect elephant souvenirs for good luck. I also learned early on that when living in a house with two sisters, it is crucial you label your belongings. I credit pops for that suggestion as well.

Today at age 22, not much has changed. Elephants are my favorite good luck charms and many pieces of my jewelry express some sort of customization. The latest gold bar necklace trend had me cave to at least three customized necklaces of the style.  So you could only imagine my joy when I was given the opportunity to showcase a new kind of bar necklace, featuring my favorite charm.

Miriam Merenfeld Jewlery offers an amazing selection of necklaces that successfully personalize the vague minimalist style many of us have adapted. Finding your unique voice with a special piece of jewelry is what we all secretly crave inside. MM jewelry have been worn by well-known icons such as Marcia Cross, Kristen Bell, Ashley Tisdale and Carrie Underwood. Each piece is beautifully made and represent something truly special for each wearer – shop my necklace here.

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