Shore Ready | Custom Swimwear

IMG_6321Details: (g) Custom Kini Swimwear

Sun’s out, thighs…almost ready to make an appearance. As long as this amazing NYC weather keeps up, I’ll be showing the bottom half of myself quicker than all the Benny’s making their way to my home state on the weekends. And if the top half of me has caught your attention, then read on: This bikini was custom-made for & by yours truly and trust me, part two of this design is my greatest creation yet.

Although I live in New York, I’m a natural born & raised Jersey girl – note the italic text. I grew up in Hoboken and when I was six, my family moved to a house within a mile from the beach in the suburbs of central NJ. In short, the beach has been my backyard, my happy place, my escape destination and my therapist for almost 18 years.

Needless to say, my bikini game is much stronger now that I have a design I won’t help but feel confident wearing all season long. With multiple styles to choose from, you can finally stop searching for that perfect set and be permanently satisfied in your swimwear department. On another note, it’s now time to match the suit’s perfection and get last year’s shape back PRONTO – our beaches open in two weeks.. #WOOF. Stay tuned for the full set reveal! Shop similar below:

 When I tell people I’m from New Jersey…


In all honesty, the less people who know about our secret Garden State location, the better. Anyone who visits falls in love with it.

We’re not orange and we don’t have accents; but we love anyone who recognizes that only ONE member on MTV’s Jersey Shore is actually from the state. If you’re cool with down-to-earth people passionate about their hometown, you’ll fit right in. No one’s angry here ;]