Simply Sophisticated Summer 2.0

Dress: Banana Republic

Belt: B-Low

Sandals: Indigo Rd.

Necklace: Elle Louise

Tassel Bracelet: Elle Louise

Taking a simple shift dress and giving it more shape & style with accessories is what I LIVE for! Making a specific piece more versatile in ways other than what it was designed for probably gives me the most thrill when it comes to putting outfits together.

This particular look was somewhat of a challenge for me as I’m not the biggest fan of pink or dresses that don’t accentuate any part of me that could show curves. However I stepped up to the plate to make this “working-attire” for wearable for every day summer and couldn’t be happier with the results! When in doubt, add black. Enough said.

By cinching this dress with a thin, wrapped tassel belt I’ve instantly given this dress a defining waist to show off – for someone with my frame, you want to create the illusion of curves as much as you can when the garment allows for it. Keeping the consistency with black, my choice in heeled sandals plays around with both color and introduces new texture to the entire ensemble. When you’re working with mostly solid colors, you can get creative with your choice of footwear or bag coordination.

I completed this simply sophisticated summer dress ensemble with gold accents in the form of minimalist jewelry. This necklace and bracelet combo goes along with my already stated gold metal palette/preference, adding just enough detail without taking over. Funny enough I just realized how this tassel bracelet on my wrist goes along with the tassel belt around my waist! I promise I didn’t plan that subtly, although I wish I did – that would’ve been brilliant on my part!