Snow Leopard ❄


Absolutely in love, no questions asked.

I’ve wanted to incorporate the white/snow leopard print into my wardrobe one way or another, with the intentions it would be a scarf.  You can only imagine how stoked I was to find this lil’ number in Francesca’s today while I was participating in some much needed retail therapy; I know it’s been two days, but Monday and today count as one big hell week for me.

Carolina Cup is right around the corner, and if you haven’t noticed already, I’m not the preppiest poppy in the bouquet.  Nonetheless, I plan to dress this look up with firetruck red or sky blue colored accents – jewelry to bag.  A fedora to protect from the sun, rather than those enormous floppy derby mom hats, may accompany the look.  I’ll let you know March 30, babes.