So Schick In The Shower


Now that winter’s coming to an end (thank you Mother Nature) we ladies must embrace the inevitable – it’s time to shave. For all you men reading, no I’m not suggesting we go “wild” in the winter but the habit of shaving each shower routine isn’t as frequent during the months of November – February. Pants and tights have been our safety nets but our pale legs need to see the light of day – mine especially – sans a natural overcoat.

I used to purposely buy mens razors because the shave was super close even with the cheapest blade to buy. So many womens razors claim they’re unique for one thing or another but at the end of the day, we all want a close shave regardless. Schick was always a brand I thought was targeted to men but knowing it has stretched its reach to the ladies, I can finally say goodbye to the overpriced and hello to a guaranteed shave worth the remaining cold water at the end of the shower – yes, shaving takes a long ass time in retrospect.


Let’s start with the most basic and work our way up from here: Meet the Schick Hydro Silk – a razor that looks simple in nature but flexes to meet every curve of your body while maintaining a close, nick-less shave. You know those tricky knee curves where we always end up missing a patch? Let’s just say that issue is a thing of the past with this one. They come in a pack of four and include a water-activated moisturizing serum that acts as a shaving cream in the process.


Next level up in the razor department: The Schick Hydro Silk TrimStyle. Like the Hydro Silk above, it shares the name, function and serum gel on one end but offers you the OPTION of a trim for those areas of interest. Plus with the current spring break month and the upcoming summer, this razor is the best tool to tidy up the bikini line if need be at a moment’s notice. The adjustable comb allows for your perfect trim for whatever desired length you strive for. Fun bonus: battery is INCLUDED!


It’s obvious the use of shaving cream has been suspended with these razors’ new additions of serum and water-activated gel cushioning the blades. When it comes to the third level of razor style & functionality, the Schick Intuition simply knows you don’t want to spend any more time lathering up your legs with shaving cream. This is the only razor that lathers & moisturizes while you shave, leaving your shaved areas feeling soft and your skin nourished once dry. This razor comes with one refill yet I can see this large amount of shaving gel lasting me more than five showers.

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Even though these razors offer shaving opportunities without the use of shaving cream, it is quite enjoyable to lather up and exfoliate when the time permits for it. What I love most about the Skintimate Skin Therapy shaving cream is not the silky feeling you get when you lie under the covers – isn’t that the best? – but the hydration your skin receives when used. You know that instant itchy, hot feeling your legs get right when you get out of the shower? It’s only relieved with the application of lotion? You can say sayonara to that unpleasant situation and hello to moisturized skin that stays strong despite the dry temperatures outside and all around.

No matter which razor you choose, you can guarantee your money goes right where you can see and feel the difference post-shower. The closer the shave, the longer you can procrastinate your shaving habits – which is something I think many of us are comfortably enjoying while the pant season continues just a few weeks more.