Something Old, Something Bold


Finding hidden gems in my closet is such an exciting moment, especially when you find things you thought ran away long ago. Ah it’s simply the best to reunite with an old friend, which is exactly how I felt when this high-waisted suede skirt came back into my life this past weekend.

To make the occasion more exciting, I finally retrieved a gift my dad brought back from London for me months ago and I couldn’t think of a better match than with the old & bold to kick off this week – did I mention my birthday’s tomorrow?


H&M skirt (old) – similar | Topshop blouse | Steve Madden sandals | vintage bag – similar

Other than turning 25 and becoming legally allowed to rent a car, this summer season alone has been – and will continue to be – full of new opportunities and experiences. Wearing colors on the feminine scale is one thing, but sporting a skirt I wasn’t that crazy about in the past but feel very different about isn’t something I expected to feel.

I LOVE this skirt and the color pair-up I pulled together with a newer powder blue blouse. In a sea of neutrals & solids, this multi-mixed bag is the perfect addition to bolden up the entire look. A wide-block sandal heel makes my choice of footwear way more tolerable for all-day wear, contributing to my balancing act of structured & looser fitting fabrics.

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