Sovereign | GentleFawn Part II


▲ GentleFawn sweater | F21 vest | AG jeans | Steve Madden slips  

Part two of my GF collab and I couldn’t be happier receiving this sweater! I’ve been looking for the perfect burnt orange sweater that was so warm, no jacket was necessary. Well, here it is and I HIGHLY suggest getting one for yourself. I despise wearing layer on layer with a jacket. There’s something about it that is very uncomfortable, especially when you only spend 5 minutes tops outdoors. You end up having to hold your jacket inside wherever you are, if no place to leave it.  Thus, my sweater obsession with a warming material and color.

Ps. these AG’s run about $200 retail price. Guess how much I scored on these pups? $95! The place I got them sell Free People, Vince, Joe’s Jeans and many others more than 50% off ALL THE TIME. Wanna know my secret destination? It may only benefit my hometown readers, due to the fact this store is not a chain and only local. But if you wanna know & you love a high-end designer super sale, shoot me a message :]

* To Be Bright is partnered with GentleFawn for authorized promotional use of gifted products.