Spring Essentials


Anyone else make shopping lists on a regular basis? I keep a sticky note (via Mac) of all the things I would like to acquire at some point this year. There’s a theory I go (buy) — puns — that if I’m thinking about something for longer than a week, sometimes two, then I consider its purchase. Above is a brief set of my latest obsessions I’ll hopefully be able to adopt into my spring-summer wardrobe.

Now that I’m a proud high-waisted denim owner, I can’t get enough of the crop top combo with them. I’m really looking forward to getting some more use with crops long enough to show a bit of mid-drift without being considered too adolescent of a choice.

Boyfriend shorts will be a DIY for me this season. I plan on going to Goodwill/Consignment shops that offer the right style & pair without a fortune of a price tag attached. That way if I mess it up, it won’t cost me too much. I’ll also feel proud knowing I’m wearing something made on my own.

Fanny packs..we think of the neon Disney world tourist types but I’m thinking something a bit more detailed and has a touch of quality. I think if I find something truly unique, it will serve as a conversation piece for a basic outfit I might be wearing. Plus, my shoulders could use a rest.

Rose sunnies — why not? I need a change from the overused green lenses.

I rarely straighten my hair during the summer and allow the salt water to work its magic. I’m eager to try more hair/head chains within the beach waves for a step in a different direction in terms of accessories.

White high-tops are not leaving my head, so I think that means I need to get them? Retro is kewl.

I’ve been searching high and low for Essie Resort polishes and have yet to find one in-store! But as soon as I do, I’ll be hitting up this blue one. I firmly believe pastels make my hands look tanner, too.

Lastly, an envelope short needs to become part of my spring-summer wardrobe. I mean just look at it? It’ll look great dressed in a glam tank or dressed down in a graphic tee.