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It’s time to get those winter layers stored for closet hibernation & swap them for something exposing a touch more skin. On top of that, it’s probably time I start applying self-tanner daily so I’m not blinding anyone with the stark-white paleness of my skin (especially my legs)

In partnership with Babbleboxx, I’m embracing the new season with some fresh items that will kickstart Spring in all the right ways. From new frames & shoes to amazing skin products & comfortable undergarments – check out what this month’s box has in store!


As I’ve mentioned in past posts before, I’m normally an ‘Aviator’ gal because I find that particular frame to fit my face best. However, this is my second time trying out Zenni Optical Eyewear and now I’ve found myself with not 1 but 4 different styles! Funny how that works.

This month’s BabbleBoxx introduced me to an innovative pair of sunnies unlike anything I’ve ever owned before. These Cat-Eye Sunnies have a unique coating applied to them called Beyond UV Blue Blocker Lenses, which provide my eyes with all-day protection, indoors & out, against the harmful effects of high-energy visible (HEV) blue light & UV rays. What some of us might be aware of is that the prolonged exposure to blue light (such as the Sun, digital devices, & artificial light) can have damaging effects on your eyes over time and poses several risks, such as reoccurring eye strain & more permanent damage like vision loss.

What I didn’t know is that the younger the eyes (i.e. kids) the more vulnerable they are to blue light & UV, since natural eye defenses have yet to develop. Needless to say, I’m definitely going to be putting these bad boys to use as the Sun makes itself known, and considering I’m on my phone or computer 90% of the time during the work week. The best part is that this coating is virtually a clear lens with very minimal color distortion, so you wouldn’t even be able to tell the difference between these and another pair of sunnies. Get Beyond UV Blue Blocker Lenses applied to any frame on Zenni’s site for just $16.75!

The second pair of frames I received from Zenni are these classic tortoise Oval Glasses from the Spring 2018 collection. Just as the Cat-Eye pair above, these too can have the Beyond UV Blocker Lenses coating applied to them as well. I love the thinness of this frame & how cute it fits on my face!


Talk about versatility! This One Smooth U Strapless Multiway Underwire Bra from BALI is as functional as it is comfortable. The breathable, lightweight material makes it more than pleasant to wear, which is prime for when the temps start to rise. Nothing’s worse than sweating through your bra in the heat, as most of us are well aware of…

Along with its no-slip & smoothing technology that makes it stay in place and practically invisible underneath any type of fabric, this bra can be worn 8 different ways! This means even your toughest of necklines & clothing straps can find its match of a functional, form-fitting bra.

8 Ways to Wear: Classic, Asymmetric, Halter, Open Shoulder, Front Criss Cross, Back Criss Cross, Balconette, and Strapless.


Badgley Mischka is known for their Hollywood-inspired glamorous, stylish, and wearable eveningwear & accessories – along with its signature embellishment! I was so pumped to find a pair of every day slides with the perfect amount of shimmer & shine that fits my aesthetic. The design is so simple in practicality yet definitely stand out in all the right ways and when it comes to sizing, it’s a Cinderella fit!

I’ve already worn these Kana Brocade Jeweled Flat Mules with denim (check out the look here), which looked super great together! More into the season I’ll be incorporating white jeans and probably a white or light-colored simple dress to sport these with as well. These slides can do all the talking, which makes my accessorizing job that much easier down the road!


 The change of the season means my skincare routine will also be undergoing a change of routine. I’ve been lucky to try the latest in luxury products that have kept my skin looking & feeling pristine, especially during the Winter dryness. As a result, my use of night serums & oils has increased during my evening routine once I started noticing how happy & hydrated my skin was appearing the morning after.

This month I started using these two products from Colleen Rothschild Beauty during my nighttime care, beginning with the Radiant Cleansing Balm after washing my face. Not only does it clear congested pores but it also removes impurities while dissolving all traces of makeup! Think of it as a last-minute eraser to collect anything that might still be lingering around after the initial wash & removal.

After applying the Balm, next I use the Retinol Supreme Night Oil which encourages healthy skin renewal thanks to the regenerative benefits of retinol. This Oil has 9 plant-based oils that replenish moisture while helping to prevent irritation & flaking – a problem my dry-natured skin has frequently. I’ve definitely noticed an improvement of my skin’s dullness after one week of using both these products!



If you know me, then it’s pretty apparent I don’t spend a lot of time in the makeup department. Reason being is that I consider myself clueless when it comes to application. So naturally the last thing I thought I’d try would be a highlighter on my face; but ever since trying out this Magic Dust, I’m curious how I’ve managed to live without it!

I’ve tried applying this soft mineral powder both to my cheekbones and my eyelids and found it to be such a gold mine of a product – pun somewhat intended. It’s such a perfect shade of golden shimmer and I love the versatility behind how many ways it can be used to highlight & sparkle.

The Erin’s Faces brand encourages the prioritization of choosing the right makeup and skincare to help you put your best face forward. Not to mention all makeup, skincare & bodycare products are cruelty-free and vegan.


This post is sponsored by BabbleBoxx.com. All opinions are my own.