Simple & Secure Money Sharing With Square Cash

One of the best developments in technology is the money sharing app, in my opinion. Rewind a couple years ago, I’ve lost count of the moments I’ve owed someone money for whatever reason and completely forgot about paying them back.

You wouldn’t think the development of an app to send/request money in just a few phone taps would make that much of a difference but for my generation, it’s changed our ability to be somewhat more financially responsible. Kind of sad an app had to teach us this right? Whatever, blame it on us #Millennials.

Square Cash Money Sharing App - Life & Style Blogger To Be Bright

Until now I’ve only heard & used the obvious app to send & request money because frankly I didn’t know another one – a simpler and easier one – existed! Unlike the multiple uses to get the hang of my previous sharing app, I got the hang of using Square Cash within three minutes of downloading it.

Don’t get me wrong, the famous competitor isn’t difficult to use by any means but when you compare it’s format to the one of Square Cash’s you can’t help but be drawn to the ease of its display. There are only two screens to toggle with, so you won’t lost when trying to locate your own account settings or find the right friend to send money to.

Square Cash also eliminates the social sharing features because at the end of the day this app is about sending & receiving payment, not mimicking your Twitter newsfeed.

Square Cash Money Sharing App - Life & Style Blogger To Be Bright

There are also some features only Square Cash users have access to. For starters, its the only app that allows INSTANT DEPOSITS/TRANSFERS if you set your account up like that – so you won’t have to “remember” to cash out your virtual bank into your real one.

It also allows you to set up a SECURITY LOCK that requires a passcode in order to transfer funds. So you won’t accidentally pocket send anyone $1000 casually and have to beg for it back (that wouldn’t be ideal..)

Square Cash Money Sharing App - Life & Style Blogger To Be Bright

These two perks above are the reasons I’m using Square Cash as my go-to money transferring app now; the security and simplicity of it just can’t be beat.

* To Be Bright is partnered with Square Cash & Her Campus Media for this sponsored post. All words & opinions are my own.