Summer Day/Night Date in NYC

We were supposed to spend this particular day/night in the city last year, but that thing called COVID changed our plans. So we pivoted and rescheduled our plans for this summer instead, which ended up working out much better than expected! We stayed at The New York Yacht Club, the same place where we got married last October, and had a fabulous day/night just the two of us.

We got into the city early and spent the morning caching up on work before checking out the newest experience in Times Square – RiseNY. As someone who’s lived in NYC for several years, even I was blown away by this awesome interactive museum that brings together the beautiful history of New York City in such a unique way. I’m also someone who geeks out on history, especially when it comes to the city I spent so many of my young adult years living in. So I was delighted to be able to learn so much more about the early development years here than I previously knew/researched on my own time.

RiseNY – located at 160 W. 45th St (between Broadway & 6th Ave) – takes its visitors on a three-part journey to celebrate the history of The Big Apple and the joy of New York experience. Combining a spectacular, soaring ride with museum-style galleries, you get to see New York as it developed throughout the instrumental decades of architecture, music & the arts, culture and lifestyle that has made the city was it is today. The ride at the end is one of the COOLEST things ever! It’s like being in one of those helicopter tours but allows you to be much closer to the action of New York City throughout the seasons. Again, as someone who’s lived here for years and experienced all the moments, this ride truly captures the absolute beauty of what it’s like to be here in all four seasons of a year.

If you’re planning to visit the city, whether for the first time or as a self-proclaimed New Yorker, you will absolutely love checking this unique museum-meets-interactive experience for yourself. This is a FANTASTIC opportunity for young kids or any visitors coming to town to learn more about the amazing city we call The Big Apple. Grab tickets here!

You can also check out my IG Stories saved to this Highlight to get a glimpse of what to expect in real-time too!

We later grabbed dinner at the infamous Lambs Club before going to see Harry Potter & The Cursed Child – the show we originally planned for last summer but got cancelled due to COVID. I figured rescheduling a year out, in the summer, would “hopefully” prove to be a safer option than setting another date later at the time. Clearly it did – the show was restructured to a 3 hour performance (no longer a two-day event) and masks were officially lifted (still encouraged, but no longer mandatory) several days before our show. Honestly it was the most magical show I’ve EVER seen. It felt like Disney World at times, I couldn’t say enough positive things about it. Also the fact that it WASN’T A MUSICAL truly made it so enjoyable. Thomas was pumped about that fact haha.

But back to The Lambs Club — this was my 3rd or 4th time dining here, Thomas’s 1st time, and it didn’t disappoint! If you ever get a chance to dine here, it makes for a wonderful pre-theatre experience. They offer a specific prefix menu in addition to their main selection of fabulous entrees & cocktails. There’s a ton of history behind this establishment and I’m so glad they were able to open their doors again after the last two years. Whether you have a show to catch or not, it’s definitely worth checking out. And contrary to how it looks, the dress code is relatively relaxed. Make a reservation here.