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That summer state of mind is fresh on the brain, especially when it comes to what’s now donning the windows and landing pages of our favorite brands. Most importantly the topic of hot discussion has a lot to do with what we need for the upcoming season: What are the summer essentials? Thanks to Topshop, finding exactly what you need for the next three months is pretty straightforward if you follow this simple concept; Start from the top, work towards the bottom and fill in the gaps in-between.

From the top – the bare/cold/exposed/whatever you want to call it shoulder blouse is the most talked about style at the moment; and yes, it’s guaranteed to go into the summer season. The top does a lot of talking for itself without being that much of a looker in terms of detail. The simplicity in style is what makes it stand out and very easy to pair up with the next summer essential: white denim shorts.

Personally, a little destruction goes a long way for the denim and I find them a bit more interesting when worn in a summery setting. White is always a good idea this time of year and the rips allow for those soon-to-be tan legs to peep through and add visual interest. But with a neutral look head to toe, you want to have a little bit of color.

Thankfully the concept of keeping it simple allows for the fun to be added south of the ankle with a bright sandal. Tie-up sandals are great to wear both on the sand and on solid-dry land because the ability to adjust the height of your laces can elongate or shorten the overall style of the shoe. With a pair of shorts, I like tying these sandals a little bit above my ankle so they appear a bit taller than they would underneath.

Now for that in-between part of the summer essentials concept – consider the bare accessories. With the addition of a simple choker that fits the color scheme and a skinny belt also close in color, the look remains classic and clean while saying a bit more in terms of detail. Of course, no outfit is complete without a pair of sunnies – especially for that beach day. Can you tell I stepped outside my aviator comfort zone with a pair of ROUND frames? That spring/summer resolution is still holding true for me guys! Shop similar below:


Topshop open-shoulder blouse, distressed shorts, tie-up sandalsmetallic belt, round sunnies, velvet choker


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