Summer Hair Repair | Gliss by Schwarzkopf

It’s amazing how easy it is to damage your hair during the summer. Honestly, I thought my routine of embracing the salt & sand in my hair and leaving the straightener unplugged would be the ticket to improving my hair for a few months. Ehhhh…no.

Simply being in the sun and swimming in chlorinated pools causes hair damage. I never really thought about it but after trying out Gliss by Schwarzkopf  Ultra Moisture products, I noticed an immediate fullness and moisturized shine to my hair once it dried. Yes, I saw visual results after one use alone!

Beyond the fact my hair smelled AMAZING after using Gliss by Schwarzkopf Ultra Moisture Shampoo & Conditioner, there are several amazing benefits to using these hydrating products over time:

  • Intense hydration – which is visually noticed after one use!
  • Ultra moisturized hair with health shine
  • Shampoo formula includes Keratin Care-19 Complex – which deeply repairs your hair for a soft, healthy-looking mane and significantly less hair breakage (up to 85%!)

To test the one-time wonder experiment, I had my mom try them out for herself – her hair type is very different from mine and she finds herself having to switch up her shampoo/conditioners every few days. Immediately after washing/drying her hair, there was an obvious fullness and shine to it – proving one use for her different hair type yielded the same results as mine!

Despite simple washing & rinsing, daily stress can still wreck havoc on your hair, leaving it dry until it reaches a breaking point. Deep repair special forces might be necessary to incorporate in addition to using just shampoo and conditioner. Gliss by Schwarzkopf Ultra Moisture Leave-In Conditioner protects hair from breakage and leave your hair instantly combable and tangibly soft. Plus, it makes brushing through with a wet brush easier!

For added precautions to maintaining my summer hair repair, I use Gliss by Schwarzkopf Ultra Moisture Anti-Breakage Treatment 2-3 times per week. This formula contains a special complex with 19 ingredients and penetrates deep into your hair for softness and shine, with up to 95% less hair breakage (vs. untreated). Liquid keratin reconstructs your hair and renews it by repairing damaged areas deep inside the hair and on its surface.


This post is sponsored by Gliss by Schwarzkopf. All opinions are my own.