That One Shirt

|| F21 button-down – similar | gray long sleeve | AG jeans | Dolce Vita loafers – similar ||

We all know what I’m talking about — that one shirt you have in your closet that you really like but don’t wear often. Well why’s that? I have a theory..

It’s easy to become attached to an item that offers an out-of-the-ordinary feature, whether it be a print/pattern, attachment, etc. Sometimes I get so caught up in whatever catches my attention that I don’t thoroughly think about outfit options. One transaction later, I hang it up for a future of closet display, clueless as to what can make this look remotely casual.

When in doubt, neutralize. You can’t go wrong with basic colors. It helps keep the piece front and center, regardless of its location on your body. Another tip: Change its purpose. This button-down is being used as a cardigan in my case, which is a much more appropriate casual go-to look for me. I could even tie it around my waist if it came to it.

Conclusion: It’s okay to impulse buy if you really like what you purchased; think outside the box and find a way to make it function as something approachable in your daily wardrobe routine.