The Beach Essentials


Though this looks rather simple, there are key ingredients of this beach day ready look that I, for one, simply cannot do without.

First off, sunglasses. Beach days allow for many variations of great shades. If you’re the kinda person to jump head first into water with them still on or on your head, I suggest investing in a waterproof, easily replaceable pair that won’t hurt your wallet. My top place to find the brightest and most unique shades – Target.

If you have more sensitive eyes, or more aware of your sunglass placement in the sand, I suggest a polarized pair of aviator or oversized frames to shield from the sun – I always pick Ray Ban.


Next, with every beach day comes a hot & heavy sunshine – head coverage is key. Rather than the baseball cap, a nice fedora serves as a breathe of fresh air to the hat department. Even if you wear it just to enter the beach and set up, the outfit will always inspire someone to take a page from your beach-ready book.

Lastly, the beach bag. Aim for a large enough one to hold your summer reads, towel, sun products, & whatever else you can’t leave your house without. I opted for the neutral brown rather than the bright stripes, but the variation of color choices makes each day a little different. So that ordinary beach day can be just a bit more extraordinary with a few changes in color, shape, & size.