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Originally I was going to photograph my home office at a more reasonable hour (clearly not captured on my screensaver) but if so, I wouldn’t be capturing the true “process” of what goes into my second full-time job of blogging. Crazy? Absolutely, but truthful nonetheless. At any available hour of my day, my home office is the destination I go to when it comes to sharing on To Be Bright. It’s where countless emails get addressed and responded at unreasonable hours, where photographs are edited and drafted and where the inspiration for tomorrow comes alive. Thanks to friends at WeWork, a company that offers shared office space all over the world, I’m sharing my home office and all the details of my workspace – from the aesthetically pleasing to the aspects of it I simply cannot live without.

Blogging is not my full-time job but I treat it as such – I get one day off a week to focus entirely on the content that goes into my blog, thanks to my incredible boss that fully supports my ambition and passion to blog as a business. That being said, the pleasure of “sleeping in” and taking the day to “relax” couldn’t be farther from the truth held in my daily agenda, which is packed to the brim with places to be and things to do for that one day alone. My day begins with an alarm waking me up at 5:30am – 6am that sets a timeline in motion that maybe gets completed by 7pm. If I don’t squeeze a workout in during my morning timeframe, then I find myself on my desktop physically writing out my plan of attack with events scheduled for the day for the duration of that time.

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Call me “old fashioned” but I’m a disciplined list writer and calendar scheduler – if that’s not a real word, it is now. I find that having a physical written out list helps me retain the information on it much better than a iCalendar apt. Don’t get me wrong, that helps tremendously too and especially with my hectic days but when it comes to errands and smaller tasks, the art of writing out a physical list is a life saver for myself. Having a monthly/weekly planner really helps to put the weeks in advance into a prepared and organized perspective, which is probably the most essential thing to get into the habit of when micromanaging a full-time job, let alone two of them.

Along with time organization and staying disciplined with it comes the environment you get it done in. Trust me, if I didn’t feel comfortable with my workspace then absolutely nothing would get done despite the hours of the day & night I choose to work at. In order to make my home office the place I want to be working at, then paying attention to the detail surrounding me needs to satisfy such a craving to work and remind me of the goals I have. Call it a motivation station but what I’ve found to make me the most productive come in the forms of plant life, the written word and a killer playlist created on Spotify.

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^ Yes, I work on two computers that hold more importance to my blogging career than I feel comfortable admitting. My desktop holds the many photographs that grace the screen of TBB’s homepage as well as the editing tools that go into making those photos look brighter and web-user friendly. The laptop comes with me almost everywhere and answers the 100+ emails I receive throughout the day that often require a timely response. Without the two working in sync with my schedule, I would probably never get any sleep waiting for my single system to handle it all – which is exactly what happened to my previous laptop (may it rest in software pieces.)

Needless to say, my home office is designed to get what I need to get done in an efficient manner while enjoying the space I’m surrounded in. If you think for a moment staying up until 2am is encouraged for success, PLEASE ERASE THAT THOUGHT FROM YOUR HEAD. No one can be working his/her best at this hour every evening. However, there comes a time where sacrifices have to be made with the time you have available. When my blog becomes my full-time job someday, I’ll look back to this moment and appreciate the work that went into making it happen. Until then, some nights will go longer than others but it will all be worth it, especially when your home office makes you want to work at it.

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Society 6 wall art – Dreams, Palms, YEAH || Target desk || TJMaxx chair – similar
Marshalls faux succulents – similar || Kate Spade agenda || Jo Malone diffuser