The Experience | Lucky Fabb


Happily insulated in my leather leggings and all smiles, I approached day one of Lucky Fabb with the utmost excitement. Little did I realize how much I would get to experience in only two days and how much pride I felt being amongst the select 300 bloggers invited to attend this annual conference.

When I began To Be Bright late January of this year, I never expected it to allow experiences that will forever enthuse my passion for blogging. The industry itself has changed so much; fashion bloggers get front row seats at fashion week and collaborate with brands to make a living. The luxury is sweet, but the passion behind it is my driving force. I have so much fun putting TBB together each day that the satisfaction of each post is all I need. I’m eager for the years to come and am especially thankful to all my readers and praisers. Without you guys, the motivation towards TBB wouldn’t be as successful as it is now. The encouragement I receive means the world to me, on an emotional level.

Okay, back to my Lucky Fabb overview!

Day One at The Times Center:


Day one’s schedule (pictured above) consisted of spokesperson Q&A’s with some of the most talented individuals in the industry. I’ve highlighted some key moments & forever inspiring advice that I MUST share.


Lucky Editor-In-Chief Eva Chen looked adorable in a turtle neck & Marc Jacobs dress speaking with Eva Mendes, who was wearing pieces from her New York & Company collection.

“It’s cool to be nice”

When I heard this coming from not only both Eva’s, but also witnessing the kindness that makes Lucky Fabb so special has never given me such a great sense of belongingness. Everyone was nice and to be someone who has always prided herself as someone friendly, I finally got to see, for myself, that the “nice person doesn’t finish last.” In fact, the nice person ends up in the spokesperson chair.


Veteran blogger Bryanboy talked about his transformation in terms of direction and on a personal level. What started off as a travel blog while studying abroad in 2004 has become one of the most well-known fashion blogs today. From wild and outlandish outfits then to selectful purchases today, Bryanboy explained he had to “grow-up” and his blog followed suit. I realize more clearly that personal style blogs develop and transform as the blogger grows, in terms of tastes and life pursuits.

“The person you are trying to copy is better at being themselves than you will be, so just be you…find your personal trademark and own it.”

The scrutiny big bloggers face, like celebrities, is taken with a grain of salt. Bryanboy stays true to himself, wearing only what he likes and having no problem declining a brand that doesn’t speak to his style. He mentions he doesn’t blog every day because he just doesn’t have the time; he’s a one-man blogger, no team and no editing assistance, and very real.


Lucky Mag’s November Covergirl Kate Bosworth delighted every single member in the audience. She shares my love for white during fall and winter, wearing white Stella heels and her collaborated style from Topshop.

“Celebrate your happiness. It’s the best thing thing you can wear.”

Kate expresses her joy doing what she loves, the backbone of the key to success. Bloggers attend Lucky Fabb because they love what they do and want to learn more about their passions and ways to enhance them. Kate’s humble demeanor and hard work ethic shows how much she put towards her goals, mentioning that being happy  is her number one motivator. When you smile in a picture or even in general, it shows a light of true passion and everyone wants to capture that moment.

Brand Breaks – Charming Charlie & Nintendo America

IMG_8095 2

During the breaks, everyone went downstairs to a conference room, where many brands set up camp to encourage product promotion. One of the promos was for Charming Charlie.  We were gifted three bracelets and necklaces of choice and have our photos posted on its live Pinterest board when we Instagrammed our layer combos with the hashtag #CCLayeringBar.

I had the perfect image in mind and 100% staged every inch of it. But it paid off! Charming Charlie used my photo as one of its personal in sty pics! Check it out here.

Below is a pic of my necklaces, also from Charming Charlie.


Another brand stand promoted Nintendo America by offering Mario Party nail art. I chose to sport Toad on my ring finger.


Day Two at the Condé Nast Building:


Day two was all about the breakout sessions. Prior to attending, we had to sign up for what sections we would like to attend. I chose three Founder’s Series and one Street Style Photography session.

The first two Founder’s Series turned the spotlight on Polyvore Co-Founder Jess Lee and Jimmy Choo Co-Founder/Entrepreneur Tamara Mellon. Both of them spoke of their transitions into the world of what they do, speaking of being open to places that will make you learn a lot and not being afraid to go your own direction. Tamara is developing her own line, which will be launched in November and eliminating the idea of seasonal products, something I’m all about.


Tamara wore one of her line’s to-be product, the leather legging boot. Yes, this is literally an all-in-one concept and it looked AMAZING. Everyone (as you can see) went crazy over the idea.

The second Founder’s series had BirchBox Co-founder Katia Beauchamp and Wanelo Co-Founder Deena Varshavskaya. These two ladies also followed their passions to create two of the most popular sites around today. Check out their sites to see how you can receive a beauty box for only $10/month and share your shopping finds a way other than Pinterest.


Katia sported adorable Ann Taylor pumps, noting Birchbox’s collaboration with AT during her presentation.

And now the moment we’ve all been waiting for…


MAN REPELLER !! I was shaking and felt like a hot mess internally as I waited in line to meet this amazing lady. Leandra Medine has set the bar of fashion blogging so high that she wrote a book about it! As she handed me my signed book, she commented on my vest and LIKED IT. That was all I needed to hear and I’m afraid that made my head swell with pride. Being able to meet her was the icing on the cake to this fantastic event.


Well, there you have it folks. One long blog post about the amazing experience called Lucky Fabb. I can’t wait til next year’s!