The Fabric(s) Of My Life


I learned massive amounts this past summer while interning at Karla Otto and if I took anything minor yet necessary from my experience, it is the appreciation of showcasing clothes (and evenly spacing out the hangers).

On a rack, they’re flawless. A 360-degree view of your treasured clothing. As Carrie Bradshaw would say, “I like my money where I can see it. Hanging in my closet.” Note: this is not in the closet, but the meaning holds the same value. I’ll tell you why.

If you’re like me, then you appreciate seeing your babies out in the “daylight.” You also may need the extra space in your closet and that random, empty corner of your room needs to serve a purpose. I went to Target and got myself a bamboo garment rack (stationary, not rolling). I’ve pulled all my outerwear pieces I’m most likely to use from the darkness and placed them for view in that random corner that I can proudly say serves a purpose.

My display includes overalls, sweaters, cardigans, lightweight jackets, denim jackets, wool & leather outerwear and my favorite selection of scarves in the canvas below.

Hinty-hint-hint: As the seasons change, so can your display! Switch out the pieces and customize it to your current wardrobe.

P.S. this particular rack is stupid easy to assemble & comes with all the little tools you need. Yay! It is not featured online, but any Target store will have it/something similar.

^ I did my best to space them out, hopefully anyone from KO reading this appreciates my effort and everyone please ignore the 90’s plastic laundry hangers (budget).