Heyday | A Facial Shop


When was the last time you treated yourself to a facial? Up until this point and sadly for me, I’ve only had one in my lifetime.. at age 12. YIKES. Major delay in that department but a lot of my reasoning for the lack thereof has to do with limited time. Now that I’ve grown up and much more conscientious of my skin, making the time to get it treated is a priority.

Since moving to NYC, the change is environment has made my skin more dehydrated than it normally is – as well as the stress of deadlines and busy schedules playing their roles into the wear and tear of my complexion. So when I got the opportunity to check out Heyday: A Facial Shop one day after work, my goal was to leave with a healthier-feeling face. What I got in addition to a “glowing” profile was an incredible experience that has me signed up to come in twice a month.


Similar to walking in for a mani-pedi, Heyday’s set up resembles the level of availability for a spa treatment that’s beyond approachable. Normally, you walk into a spa and are greeted in an individual room isolated from the experience you’re about to receive. The elevator music and white walls make you feel borderline intimidated over what’s to come. Not at Heyday. Accompanied by relevant music and an open layout, you can get an idea of what to expect from the exterior of your experience without the confines of a walled-off room.


Inside the curtained-off rooms is a comfortable table you’d expect to see when receiving a facial treatment. Once on the table and after explaining to your skincare technician what you’d like to achieve by the end of your experience, you’re introduced to an incredible facial that won’t have you looking anyplace else for future treatment.

The best part? Like I mentioned before about the mani-pedi situation, facials at Heyday can be 30 minutes or 50 minutes. So if you ever wanted to stop by during your lunch break for a quick treatment, you totally can do that. Plus! Because the products are so natural and the application of them is so gentle, you DON’T have to remove your makeup prior to and once done, it’s barely smudged! Talk about a win!


Every product that touched my face was explained to by my technician and was either an organic or vegan blend. And let me tell you, I’ve never smelled such natural aromas that instantly calmed both my skin and my mentality. It was such a soothing experience similar to a massage that has me itching to get back there as I’m writing this up.


After your life-changing experience, you’re taken back up front where you can buy the products that were used during your facial if you find them to be miracle workers. My technician was incredibly helpful when explaining what areas of my skin need the most care due to sun damage and what I can use now that will help protect me for years down the road.

And if you’re wondering how great these products smell, think freshly squeezed oranges for the Vital-C and a calming aroma of subtle vanilla/lemon hints FAR from the typical sunscreen smell for Prevention+.


Heyday is located at 1130 Broadway between 25th & 26th streets and is open from 7am-10pm weekdays / 9am-8pm weekends. You can easily book an appointment online and not expect any time to wait for it. I had to reschedule last minute TWICE the day before and  was able to get in for my appointment without a question.

They’re seriously the most accommodating and helpful people around and if you’ve been looking to treat yourself to a spa moment, look no further than Heyday. You won’t be disappointed.