Thoughtful Wedding Gifts That Exceed The Registry

This is the first year I’m attending more than one wedding – about that time my friends are gettin’ hitched! I’m so thankful & appreciative to be invited to take part in each of their special days. Also can’t freakin’ wait for them all – bring on September!

I recently asked you guys on Instastories to share with me the best gifts you’ve either received as a newlywed or given as a wedding present, along with asking if there were any gifts that you now wish you registered for. I received a ton of amazing ideas, all at various price points that also exceed the registry, and have shared the top suggestions below. Hopefully some of these will help you with ideas when it comes to registering or gift-giving for any upcoming weddings!

Carving Set

A carving set is great gift option, especially if you’re better friends with the “chef” of the couple. You can even take it a step further and engrave their initials on the wooden case.

Customized Wood Cutting/Cheese Board with Last Name

Most couples will also register for a wooden cutting/cheese board, so why not step it up with a custom engraving of their newly married last name! Etsy has a ton of board styles to choose from that offer multiple custom engraving options.

DSLR Camera

Here’s a gift I think EVERYONE could benefit having, no matter what level of interest. I know iPhone cameras have gotten so great but there’s nothing like that crisp, aperture-priority image only a DSLR camera can capture. Personally, I’m biased to Canon Cameras because they have a model lens for everyone, from the best starter lens kit for a beginner (the same one I began my blogging career with) to more advanced, mirrorless models for the established enthusiast.

Dyson Vacuum

These powerhouse vacuum machines are rated one of the best, and those of you who shared this as their best gift also claim it’s changed how they feel about cleaning, in a positive way! Apparently these last for a long time as well, so can’t argue with that!

Embroidered Linen Bedding / Towels with Married Initials

Most people register for linen bedding/towels, but you can step it up by getting their new married initials embroidered on them! My parents received these for their wedding and they STILL HAVE THEM. I recently gave these to my best friend last year for her wedding. They just make for such a long-lasting, functional gift.
Personally, I think white-on-white thread on linen is the most timeless color combo for bedding, when it comes to ongoing decor versatility. Towels are fair game but navy thread on white is both unisex & looks beautiful.
Suggested Format: (L) Her First Name Initial (C) Married Last Name Initial (R) His First Name Initial.
Example: My parent’s initials for Avery & Chris Brighton = ABC

Engraved Picture Frame with Last Name & Wedding Date

Pottery Barn seemed to be a popular suggestion for beautiful frames to engrave.
Suggested add-on: Go to a florist & have them press flowers around the Wedding Invite inside the frame.

Engraved Stainless Steel Silverware

Great for everyday use but makes it a touch more personal with engraved initials for sure. My mom still has hers after 32 years! Side note: Lenox is one of my favorite brands for stunning silverware.

Hand-Painted Platter with Personalized Wedding Details

Including names of the bride & groom, their wedding date, and the wedding venue for a personalized touch. What a gorgeous, thoughtful idea!

Instant Pot with Cookbook

Several newlyweds shared that this was their favorite, most-used gift so far. An instant pot makes cooking so much easier for those of us, myself included, who are too busy to prepare a meal most days. Throw in a cookbook for a touch of inspiration; this one is specified for instant pot recipes but I personally highly suggest something by Julia Child for future recipes & general longevity.

Knife Block Set

Another great gift for the couple who loves to cook or plans to be doing a lot more of it. A knife block set is super handy to have in the kitchen. It’s also another gift you can easily have engraved as well.

Offer to Host the Morning-After Brunch

Another great gift idea! Thoughtful and probably one less thing the couple will appreciate not having to plan out themselves.

Tiffany & Co. Housewares

I had a couple people mention their Tiffany & Co. houseware accessories are still their favorite wedding gifts received (hard not to believe!) The one most popular home accessory shared happened to be a vase! Personally, I would LOVE a gift like that – flowers will constantly be filling it, all year round.

Throw Them a Party!

My mom said one of her good friends opted to throw them an engagement cocktail party as a wedding present. Sometimes just having someone take over the planning/location/inviting is a gift in itself. Make it co-ed & have it serve as a throwback to the days when you partied behind your parents’ back.

Watercolor Painting of Picture Capturing the Engagement Moment

This is such a beautiful gift idea! It’s so personal and sentimental of that special moment, painted to be displayed as a piece of art in the home. A very creative approach that truly exceeds any sort of wall art someone could register for.

On another note…

Several of you highly recommended using Zola as a wedding planning website. Practically all of the weddings I’m attending this year are registered through Zola & so far from personal experience, it’s made my life MUCH EASIER as a guest – from locating all the details of the wedding day along with selecting coveted items from the registry.

Zola even makes handling your Save The Dates & other invites easy too! Although I’m FAR, FAAAARRRR AWAY from this day happening for myself, I’ll definitely be considering using Zola for most of my wedding planning needs when the time comes.

What’s the best wedding gift you’ve received or given?