Time To Strategize, Blog Wise

Feature_Tilden_MG_0739Spring triggers my desire to “clean, organize and reboot” important factors of my life and no, I’m not only referring to my closet…

To be completely transparent like I strive to be, I’ve felt a serious lull in my blog content for a while now. I started my blog 3 years ago while in college and as much as I’ve found success within that time leading to now, I don’t feel like it’s grown as well in some of the areas I wish it did – I wanted to give/provide more content but I didn’t know where to start. Secretly I hoped some magical “idea” would pop into my head that would get me out of my self-marketing rut. Then it hit me…I didn’t ask myself one simple question:

“What am I looking for in a blog?”

Well I asked myself and determined that I’m drawn to bloggers with a different perspective…duh, but that’s so vague – everyone says that. But a blog with a different perspective is one that benefits me. What benefits me are two simple concepts: 1) Honesty and 2) Helpfulness. If you think about it, not a lot of bloggers want to share all their tips & tricks of the trade with anyone in their industry – at least not right away. I don’t know if there’s some competitive issue behind it but the fear of sharing due to limited space in this industry to “make it” is ludicrous. The bloggers that write about personal and business growth are so selfless and brave, and I respect the transparency behind their work because I find myself feeling my best knowing I’ve helped someone who, like me, has struggled for the answers no one wants to share.

This is why I want to change a few things when it comes to my weekly content…GET READY!

Styled outfit posts will continue to run Monday – Friday as they already are, but specific days will now be your go-to destinations for all things “honestly helpful” in the blogging world, as well as fun suggestions designed to peak reader interest:


When I took the entire summer off in 2014 to focus solely on my blog, my following grew like CRAZY and I started paying attention to how/where/and what was causing the commotion. Now that I’m an employed 24-year-old living in the city while trying to pursue a full-time blog, it’s obvious I had to adjust with my surroundings and come up with a strategy to efficiently tackle the new challenges presented to me – both socially and blog-wise.


– Strategies for organizing yourself and the brands you work with

– Ways to get your enhance and promote your content digitally

– Tips to boost your traffic/follower numbers

– Social media marketing tips

– Photo editing and tools to consider

– WordPress platform help and more!

This will be the place where I share my personal tips & tricks of the trade from the very beginning to what I’m currently doing to grow and enhance my blog. I’ve learned a lot on my own over the years and have plenty to WILLINGLY share. Get psyched 😀


Just for kicks, I want to share my daily music finds – both relevant and undiscovered. This is more me sharing what beats I’ve been listening to recently and hoping it will trigger new interest or reignite an old flame. For those of you who like music, hope this sounds exciting!


At the conclusion of each post, I’ll remind readers to check the blog tip of the week, round up the beats featured in a master playlist and mention any giveaways or upcoming events that are in focus. This area of discussion is still raw in terms of content and what to expect from it, if anything, but for now it will serve as a nice way to summarize the end of the work week.



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I know how frustrating it can be to Google search ways to enhance and grow your blog [been there, done that] and still coming up short with references you can actually trust. Have you ever noticed how those big time bloggers answer questions to how they found their success? They jump around the truth with vague suggestions that yes, are meant to inspire and aspire but nothing concrete you can apply to your blog immediately. Well, I find the more people I help then the better the blogging world can be – it’ll be a lot more fun of a creative space when bloggers are on each other’s sides rather than standing on opposing lines.