Timeless Holiday | Opinion

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Alright, here’s my personal set of Christmas wishes. Note: I can’t afford half of these but let me explain my reasoning for their choices, as well as the color palette I’m sure to many looks boooorrring.

Everyone’s entitled to their opinion, but I see Christmas as an opportunity to ask for timeless pieces that will forever be in style and are not easily affordable on the every day budget. Given that motif of a definition, I find that the neutral color choices serve just that very purpose. Brown, taupe, tan, black, white and gray will forever be colors that decorate our closets. They’re also the easiest colors to pair others with.

Granted, I love color (see the beanie) but I would never want an excess amount of money to be spent on something I can get for $15 and that may or may not be of interest to me down the road (except I really do hope I can rock beanies at age 30+). But in my opinion, timeless & classic incorporates neutral color and the best part of mixing highs with lows is the ability to add color with a less expensive piece. So in case you hate the color red in 10 years, at least you still like the brown bag you spent much more than $15 on.

Yes, I know the beanie above is like $45 but pretend it’s something from PacSun or Billabong that works with my thought above.

And if you were wondering what that device is on the far right bottom side, it’s Starbucks Verismo coffee maker. I tried to search for the generic Keurig, but no luck. Either would be happily welcomed.