Top Amazon Finds + Buys | Summer 2020

Happy Hump Day, friends! With Amazon successfully ruling a majority of my purchasing decisions since the start of Quarantine, I figured it would be beneficial to share some of the top finds I’ve been loving for the past 4+ months.

Although there’s PLENTY more I could’ve included here, I didn’t want to overwhelm anyone & focused on featuring the items that have very much been keeping up with their “game-changer” status. But if you’re curious to see what else I’ve been shopping that’s not featured here, then be sure to check out my Amazon Shop.

Scroll through the [3] collages below & click on anything you see to shop it directly! I’ve also included a few bonus items at the very end because I forgot to include them after the collages were made – Oh well, YOLO 😀


– The handiest Portable Travel Steamer you’ll never leave home/travel without
– These adorable (& effective) gold frame Blue Light Glasses
– A sporty Wrap-Front Crop Top perfect for working out or wearing with high-waisted anything
– This Digital Meat Thermometer that’s far better than the one we had before
– Manny’s roomy Travel Backpack Pet Carrier that he refuses to get out of while in the car
– Two hair products I didn’t realize I needed: Anti-Humidity Spray + No-Show Dry Shampoo that both work!
– And lastly, the most comfortable, flattering everyday summer dress


You can find all these items + more any time on my Amazon Shop Page!