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IMG_7272IMG_7365IMG_7301IMG_7264IMG_7344IMG_7241IMG_7316Details: (gifted) Shabby Apple jacket | UO skirt | necklace | JF boots | (gifted) 9th Elm bracelet 1bracelet 2

Vintage-inspired pieces make up today’s recent trend – mixing the old with the new. Thrifting is chic and if you ever get asked, “Where’d you get that (insert referred-to piece),” you get giddy over the fact that it was scouted. But there’s something unique about making modern-day clothing with inspiration pulled from yesterday’s trend – yesterday meaning decades ago.

This year was all about bringing the best of the 90’s back, but I have a feeling a blend of 70’s will make an appearance this fall/winter. Summer may be over but incorporating this lace jacket has never felt so right. Risk can be your best friend, if you indulge carefully. A look may not match entirely or the color/form may not be right for the season but honestly, who gives? If I’ve gotten any more confirmation from Fashion Week that the IDGAF attitude is what sells, then I’m set for my next outfit endeavor. Get the mentality of owning your look, despite any insecurity, because with that confidence you soon will. Shop similar below: 

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