Urban Consignment


Oh the joys of consignment shopping.

A store here called Urban Thread offers marked down garments from top stores, such as Anthropologie, J Crew, and Urban Outfitters. Normally, I go in for the basics, a solid tank, shorts, the works. To my surprise, this little romper was hanging on the front of the rack line, and all alone; no alternate sizes, just this one.  Naturally, I picked it up before I saw another pair of wandering eyes on it attempt to do the same.  I tried it on, and it was a perfect fit.  Urban Outfitters brand and half the original price!  I had a corset belt on with me, so adding the belt to see how it would fit gave me that final push to buy the romper.

Consignment shops are the best. When in doubt, try it on.  It’s risk free (unless you’re pressed for time) and you may be pleasantly surprised.