Urban Winter


(Above) panama hatturban beanie, text smart gloves

Here are some recent Urban Outfitters finds that will have you making repeat visits this month. Did you know about their 50% off sale items event? Well, below’s jacket is proof that a major discount goes a long, long way. Although I do love my black coats, a little bomber action in wine (faux) leather makes a delightful statement, especially in the snow. You can also notice my headgear keeping my ears warm, which will have you answering a lot of “where did you get that?” questions when worn in public. I love beanies and will forever admire their classic style, but sometimes a change of pace with a knit wrap or winter panama hat spices things up. One more thing I’m getting used to, gloves. I’ve never liked them but the cold weather this week has me NEEDING them. These kitties come in multiple colors (I clearly went for leopard) and allow you to text away as you take on the cold. Sometimes focusing on social media makes the frigid temperatures bearable for a brief moment.

(Below) bomber jacket