Vanity Files | Spin for the Perfect Skin


Since moving to the city seven months ago my skincare regiment has been one of my top priorities both day and night, no matter the season. The environment here definitely takes its toll on our complexion and if we’re not careful, its guaranteed to show and possibly break your mirror (kidding!) But in all seriousness, no one wants unhappy skin and its important to care for it the best way we can.

As someone with notorious dry skin, I needed some kind of exfoliate that would extract what needs to be removed while keeping my skin hydrated. Most of the time you end up with clearer skin and the Sahara Desert effect – aka clean but dry dry DRY.

Thanks to my friends at Vanity Planet, the miraculous combo above is my new source of hydrating exfoliation that has my skin feeling unbelievably soft. Check out my regiment steps & video conclusion below to see how I truly feel about it ;]


Because most scrubs can be dry upon application, mixing a cleansing oil into a small amount on your palm quickly moisturizes the situation you’re about to apply on your face. This also locks in the hydration you need without the risk of breaking out – magic, I know.

In the palm of your hand, apply a dime size amount of the Black Tea & Cardamom Body Scrub mixed with the Tamanu & Wild Citrus Cleansing Oil. Rub the blend in gentle circular motions all around your face, emphasizing on the T-zone. Remember to treat your neck with the scrub too, as the neck should always get the same customer service in your skincare routine.


I let the scrub set for five minutes before applying the Spin for the Perfect Skin brush to exfoliate and cleanse.

Check out my Insta-clip video to see my results and to convince yourself you need the Spin Brush & cleansing oil/scrub from Vanity Planet ASAP.

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