Wanderlust Options

I’m on the search for the perfect color block jacket for fall, preferably a chic Letterman’s or bomber style. In addition to the jacket, I’ve become fond of leopard print sneakers. Therefore, I’ve decided these two trends are my must-haves for the fall season.

“Casual with style” is what I strive for on campus. Too often,  style is camouflaged in a sea of comfortable options that don’t do the body justice.  I agree that it’s difficult to determine what makes stereotypical comfy clothing, like sweatshirts, stylishly appropriate. Here’s what I’ve brainstormed:

– Skip the oversized look and select something more fitting; looking lumpy isn’t attractive, especially when you have nothing to hide.

– Color block and pattern sleeve options are leaders in differentiation. A more tasteful, thoughtful concept of a sweatshirt rather than an overall solid color (or tie-dye) keeps the “I don’t care what I look like today” demeanor at bay.

– Leopard print has gone from tacky to trendy (if incorporated correctly). Less is more; pick one piece to feature the print and accompany it with coordinating solids. Little did I know that there are prints that actually have more white space between the spots, rather than the aggressive overload of leopard. Try to find those options if you like the idea, but hesitant to get your feet wet with a new trend.

Below are some options I’ve considered. What are your favorites?