Wanted: NYC-Based Photographer


I’m looking for a standout photographer to assist me once a week with my street style photos. The ideal candidate to me is someone who is genuinely as passionate about their work as I am my blog – I like to keep things light and energetic when shooting but take my craft very seriously. I’d love to partner up with someone who’s looking to build and expand his/her portfolio on a well-reached blog and a fun person to hang around with all together – sorry if this sounds like a dating application but I’m ultimately looking for my perfect match (in a photographer.)


– Must be based in NYC or able to commute easily in (i.e. NJ or CT)

– Has DSLR Camera & knows how to use it

– Has experience, but doesn’t have to be an expert by any means – I taught myself lolz

– Creative with locations, angles, images – anything that can enhance/benefit the both of us

– Good energy, positive attitude

– RELIABLE, good communicator

– Willingness to work additional days for certain events (i.e. Fashion Week)

If you’re interested in applying, please send a brief bio of yourself and the link/file to your portfolio to tilden@tobebright.com