Wear Lipstick To Bed | LipSense by SeneGence


Neither did I but I quickly discovered there’s a huge benefit behind it when you apply LipSense Liquid Lip Color right before catching some shut eye!

Unlike other lip colors that end up dehydrating your lips and fade over the course of an hour – imagine waking up to the same bold lip you fell asleep in! Better yet, imagine having soft, smooth and hydrated lips in the process! That’s exactly what you get with LipSense.

This revolutionary formula repairs dry, cracked lips overtime with each application. The secret is the SD40 cosmetic grade alcohol that kills bacteria and exfoliates by breaking down the wax build-up, essentially cleansing your lips.

  • Clean & dry your lips
  • (Optional) Using the LipVolumizer, layer your lips to prime them for the color you’ll apply next. This volumizer works WONDERS! I have the thinnest lips and after just three days, I started seeing a difference in my upper lip’s fullness. By no means am I the next Kylie but as a natural approach to plumping your lips, this is a great way to go!
  • Shake the LipSense color – ps, mine is called Beige Champagne and it’s a perfect earthy nude with a slight shimmer. So obsessed!
  • Apply a thin even coat. Let dry for 5-10 seconds. *Keep in mind it will tingle at first due to the alcohol killing the bacteria. This sensation disappears once you apply the gloss!
  • (Optional) Repeat for 3 layers of color – this allows for the color to last, I’ve also found it adds to the boldness of a lip you want.
  • Once dry, apply the gloss freely & reapply throughout the day as needed.

  • Gloss must be applied to set the color.
  • You can layer multiple colors to get a custom shade. In fact, 27 looks can be made using just 3 colors!
  • Keep in a room temperature environment (Don’t leave it in your car!)
  • Apply gloss before & after meals, before bed, throughout the day – it’s so moisturizing!
  • Grease & alcohol break down the color so make sure to shield it with the gloss!
  • GET RID OF YOUR CHAPSTICK! It will keep your color from lasting, plus its made of 100% wax which dehydrates your lips even more…talk about counterproductive.


LipSense has truly changed how my lips look & feel, in all the right ways. As someone who struggles with dry lips 24/7, it’s nice to wake up not having a split lip!

You can only purchase LipSense through a distributor, so I recommend hitting up my girl Jessie to order your own starter kit!

You’ll receive the Moisturizing Gloss, a LipSense color of your choice, LipVolumizer, and Oops Remover

All 4 tools needed to ensure a gorgeous, bold or natural lip color that will look & feel AMAZING!

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