Weekend Staycation At The Langham, New York

Over the Easter weekend, I got to spend a luxurious evening at The Langham, New York hotel. I’ve been feeling stuck in a creative rut and a staycation was exactly what I needed. Sometimes a change of location helps you reset in all the ways, even when you choose to stay in the same city as ‘home.’

Given the holiday occasion, I also got to partner with Christine A. Moore Millinery to wear a custom hat for the Easter Parade that Sunday morning! After meeting with Christine & her team, we designed the perfect addition to my holiday outfit. I didn’t consider myself much of a hat girl but my mind has officially changed about them! There’s no doubt I’ll be re-wearing this for the Kentucky Derby on May 5th – which by the way, CAM Hats has been chosen to be the ‘Official Milliner’ for!


Images courtesy of The Langham, New York

Our room was the 9th floor corner unit of the hotel, which was absolutely breathtaking! It felt enormous and had the perfect view over Fifth Avenue as well as the Empire State Building off to the right. Also this bathroom quickly became #GOALS, especially the bathtub 😀

>> Check out my quick video tour of the layout below <<

The Langham, New York has three fine-dining options but we opted to order room service to satisfy our laziness. I had one of the best burgers of my life! Topped with a couple glasses of complimentary champagne, I slept super well that night in the cozy king-size bed. So necessary when relaxing to the max, wouldn’t you agree?


It’s been a minute since my last massage. So what better way to maximize my relaxation efforts than to treat myself to a specialized, curated 50 minutes of bliss!?

Upon my arrival, I filled out a short survey that had me answer questions based on my current stresses. My responses helped my masseuse determine which oils to use on me during my session, as certain ones are targeted to relieve the mind and body of particular ailments.

I received the Chuan Signature Massage and it was unlike any I’ve had in the past – I highly recommend it! It’s a combination of Traditional Chinese Massage techniques and private label blended oils to restore balance & harmony. I felt INCREDIBLE at the end & find myself itching to make another appointment in the near future.


This hat couldn’t have turned out more perfectly. From the colors to the details of each flower & loop. I was blown away by the craftsmanship that went into creating this custom piece just for me. We matched the colors of my dress to which ones would be used on the hat – I was even told if the color didn’t exist that they would create it! Talk about meeting the customer’s expectations to a T!

>> Check out the whole process behind creating my hat here, here, and here! <<

I’m so happy I was able to stop by the CAM Hats showroom, which doubles as the head of all operations! Christine makes every hat in-house, which is truly so special. You can see why she’s been called the “milliner to the Triple Crown” – every design of hers is created with such care & attention to detail, making her very popular in the horse-racing world!

Given her Kentucky Derby title this year, Christine is working endlessly on client orders gearing up for the event. I’m so honored she took the time to make me a beautiful hat of my very own, one I will have and continue to enjoy for years to come!

Special thanks to The Langham, New York & Christine A. Moore Millinery for partnering with me on this post!