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Although it’s May, summer is kicked into full swing back in my hometown in New Jersey following Memorial Day Weekend – I’m sure that goes for many of you guys as well. However given the recent temperatures it definitely feels more like a chilly spring most days rather than a warming season of sun. Therefore this weather plays a major role in my chosen attire to wear when traveling; and quite frankly, this look pulled together pretty much sums up my chosen wardrobe when I make moves out of the city for a summer weekend.

I feel the most comfortable when in a pair of jeans and a soft tee, so both pieces come into play making strategic commuting moves from NYC to my final destination. But why jeans in the summer? Personally I find myself feeling rather chilled from extreme AC on mass transit, which don’t get me wrong is a fantastic thing. But sometimes a pair of jeans can serve as a security blanket when anticipating chilly indoor climates and in my opinion, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Plus you can boost your basic denim with some fun patchwork detail to keep things interesting.

If the temps happen to be warmer than expected, that’s where a sleeveless cotton top comes in. I choose to sport darker colors because let’s be honest, traveling tends to make all of us sweat a little bit regardless of the temp.. Therefore whether it’s stress or heat sweat, a darker top keeps your obvious perspiration hidden. Just remember the deodorant!

Finally, sneakers are a MUST when traveling no matter where you’re headed. Depending on how you get to your destination you can ensure your feet stay protected, and stylish, with an easy pair of kicks that essentially go with anything you choose to wear – or have packed. There’s something relieving about knowing your sneaker is less likely to break while enjoying your weekend shenanigans, unlike those flimsy sandal straps we think are invincible but sadly can’t always hang.

There you have it: a go-to travel look perfect for the weather we’re facing now and going forward into the summer, making you the ultimate weekend warrior. Shop similar below:


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