Where Do You Blog?

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After a long morning of work, classes and unnecessary stress, I take comfort in a little nook upstairs in our loft apartment for the rest of the day, if I’m lucky. This room has been arranged over a million times in the past three years but one thing remains the same — I get s**t done here.

This little space has become my mecca of potential, a three-walled corner of possibility. In realistic words, this is where I do 90% of my blogging while at school. Plus with the terrible Internet connection in my room, I don’t have any other choice.

Naturally, I’ve made this space more desirable to be in, based on my preferences and tastes. I need a clean, rather organized environment to work in otherwise I spend my time cleaning over working; that’s the one annoying part about having self-diagnosed OCD.


My parents have instilled on me, since the age I developed a public opinion, that the key to success is organization. I agree with them on that. Anyone else get that overriding, anxious feeling when things are all over the place for a long ass time? These days, I admit I’m too tired to care but when I have a full nights sleep, I feel these feelings.

Space tip: Have a handy stack of inspiration books, whatever your passion may be. They also look like nice decorations if you choose not to even read them.


Depending on how much space your area allows, its borderline ideal to have a sitting piece of furniture other than a desk or bed. Not only for deco purposes, but also if you decide you do want to read one of your decoration books and make it happen on that very available couch. Plus, who doesn’t like soft pillows anywhere within reach?

Now here’s what makes my space unique to me — an antique Buddha statue. My dad grew up in Indonesia during the single digits of his childhood, so the influence of its culture has been incorporated within my life at a young age. Plus, I absolutely love it. About two years ago, my family and I journeyed across the world and spent two weeks on select Indonesian islands. I call it a homecoming trip for Papa Bright, but it really opened my eyes to more than I could ever imagine. I can’t wait for the next opportunity to go back but until that day arrives, I’ll be chillin’ in the states with my Indonesian artifacts


Of course, no space is complete without your trusty feline-version of a steed (more like potato with four legs.) The printer absolutely fascinates him. He also loves stepping all over my keyboard and occasionally deleting all my hard work I stupidly forgot to save. Still love him doe. His name is Mansfield but prefers “Manny,” if anyone was eager to know.

What does your blog space look like?