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Winter is the WORST season for my skin – it’s dry and itchy all the time. I’ve invested too much time and money into products that brainwash my purchasing decisions with specific labels, like Dry Skin Therapy, offering impossible guarantees, like change in two days or less. I’m calling bullshit.

Now Aveeno has always been one of my favorite lotion brands, probably because the bottle its sold in feels soft to the touch and emotionally appeals to me. I definitely have no complaints with Aveeno, but I’ve never turned to it for my needs other than as body lotion post-shower. I’m no beauty expert but when it comes to hands and face, the skin is different. My hands rarely hold the moisture a lotion is applied for, and my face can be so bitchy about lotion application that it has a facial breakdown, leaving me with an ugly breakout.

The season is NOT on our side. Most of us are paler and can’t hide our breakouts due to lotion fails. We’re miserable because the cold, dry weather makes our faces hurt and our hands feel rough. I’m not marketing that I have a solution, but I’m writing this post with moisturized hands and a happy face, thanks to two winter-wonderful Aveeno purchases.


Thanks to HerCampus & Self Magazine, I was gifted two Aveeno products of my choice (seen above.) I do realize I’ve stepped back into the advertising puffery fire of specific labels, but Aveeno has never given me a reason to doubt. The two lotions above specify nourishment, relief and intensity. The difference between the two is when to use them: day or night.

First, I’m going to highlight the skin relief overnight cream:

How many times have you showered at night, applied lotion before you go to sleep and wake up with either a breakout or no difference in touch? The skin on my face gets very dry after I wash it with cleanser or soap, so I always put lotion on to soothe it temporarily. However, the lotion seeps into my pores which have just been cleansed, thus putting me right back where I started. My foundation falls right off my face in the morning and I’m left feeling wind burn all day due to the weather.

I woke up feeling invincible after applying this lotion to my face & hands before bed. My skin felt so soft and brand new. Applying my makeup was a success and it stayed on for the rest of the day. As for my hands, never felt more moisturized. No immediate breakout seen, the lotion is very gentle towards my skin and no special face cream jar was needed to confirm that. The consistency of the lotion is the same as for the body, not jelly or putty-like (as seen above), and easily applied in a lightweight manner.

Second, the nourishing cream for day use:


As the day progresses, it’s nice to apply a lotion that won’t smudge your makeup, look or feel oily on the skin and feels light and airy. The consistency of the lotion feels soufflé-like and smells like cocoa & shea. I have to admit, the jar it comes in interested me, only because the rest of the Aveeno products all looked the same. I wanted to see why this lotion was standing out, as for many of these jars specify for hand and face use (mentioned above.) But no specifications were labeled. How rare is it that you can buy an all-over body, face and hands lotion in a container such as this? I’m only more aware of reading the fine print, as well as not judging a jar by its stereotypical demeanor.

Where to apply:

Think of your face as a palette with sections. Each section needs one brush stroke of lotion, and that’s it. Less is always much, much more. Make a capital I by applying horizontal strokes on both the forehead and jawline and a vertical stroke on the bridge of the nose. Blend in the lotion with a circular motion of two fingers. Give the I wings with horizontal strokes on both cheek bones. Be aware of the thinness of the skin directly underneath your eyes; using one finger, apply remnants of lotion on the cheek bones to this area.


I hope this winter beauty tip gave some insight to a problem I know I’m not alone with. I’m a happy camper with this lotion and the technique I use to apply it. Everyone’s different and when it comes to beauty preferences, to each their own. But if you’re stuck in a rut with this problem, there might be a light at the end of the dry weather tunnel of hell.

“AVEENO® believes that ingredients found in nature, and proven by science, have the power to make every woman discover the full potential of her own natural beauty. AVEENO® aims to inspire women throughout the world to discover a naturally beautiful life.”
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