Winter Coats Worth The Investment

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Unless you live near the Equator or in a state bordering The Gulf of Mexico, chances are you’ve needed a warm winter coat several times over the years. I remember how painful & brutal my first NYC winter was…let me tell you, it was the rudest of awakenings! After struggling through those months, I vowed to NEVER EVER go through another winter season without having a coat that doubled as an army tank of protection from the cold.

I’ve had my share of coats that looked the part, but couldn’t play it, and there’s truly nothing worse than feeling that bone-chilling wind hit your skin as it goes right through the fabric making up your outerwear. At the end of the day, you NEED (I repeat, NEED) a coat you can depend on, especially if you live in a place that gets a true winter season.

Here are the down & puffer coats, in my opinion, that are 1000% worth the investment. You will have it for years and years, be able to wear it in any sort of winter climate/condition, and most importantly, you’ll never be cold! Out of all the one-time purchases you’ll make in your lifetime, a durable, warm winter coat should be one of them.


I recently got this insulated bomber (as seen above) and this longer puffer, which I can’t wait to take outdoors into the sea of black coats that take over NYC! Both are super durable with a waterproof design made for both rain and snowstorms, should you find yourself ever stuck outside in one.


Another great down parka option for those of you wanting a sportier look. I also like the multiple lengths available for the standard down coat, starting from just past the waist, to mid-thigh, all the way down to mid-calf length.


This brand was made for all things outdoors, so you can guarantee satisfaction with its winter apparel. The jackets range in weight, some lighter than others, but the key is having one that’s insulated for ultimate warmth & protection.


I love love LOVE my Moose Knuckles coat! Not only is it like wearing a down comforter outdoors, but it’s a better-fitting and sportier version of its main competitor. I can easily ski while wearing it and when wearing the hood, I can be assured it will stay up and in place unlike the oversized issue its competitor faces.


One of my first warmer coat purchases was a down jacket similar to this. I remember sporting a version of this during frigid November 5am schooling sessions during my horse show years. It was the perfect length to ride in, not getting snagged behind my saddle, so definitely a great option for outdoor performance situations.

These are the coats I have personal experience with, based on past or current ownership. I’d love to hear about a brand/style of coat that you’ve been loving or wearing during the winter months. Let me know in the comments below!