Your Vote = My Dream

As a fashion blogger, I have been given amazing opportunities to help craft a dream come true. Right now in particular, these dreams include involvement in Vanity Fair & People Magazine.

I need your help! If you wouldn’t mind voting for me for both of these contests, I will be forever eternal. And trust me, if there’s ever a time where you need votes, message/comment with a link and I’ll help out immediately. At the end of the day, bloggers rely on each other to grow not only as a brand, but also as valuable friends who appreciate and understand the importance of such opportunities! Your vote could help make my dreams come true.

Just 30 seconds of your time to vote (shorter than the amount of time you took to read this post) is the difference between breaking the surface or staying under water. We really depend on you and hope you can contribute to support our endeavors :]

First, I am in the running to win Vanity Fair’s International Best-Dressed Challenge! I’ve qualified by receiving over 100+ votes in the past month. However, votes still matter & can be counted by clicking any heart on the bottom left of my photographs posted. Click image below:



Second, I’ve recently entered People Magazine’s #RealBeauty Challenge and have the opportunity to be featured in the printed magazine! Please vote for me (same as above) by clicking the heart but this time located on the top left. Click image below:

Screen Shot 2014-03-26 at 9.03.21 PM

*PS, one of my absolute fashion & lifestyle bloggers has the opportunity of a lifetime – A FREE TRIP TO LONDON! She definitely deserves to win this, so help out by voting for Megan Elliot of Lush to Blush on Skype’s Boyfriend Jean Challenge! Click image below: