Zip Codes | Khongboon Swim


Another swimwear set for this week, friends. I’ve been waiting since January to sport most of these bikinis and now that the temps are feeling just about right, here they are out & about. Oh did I mention this particular day could’ve been defined as a sand storm? I’m surprised we got any shots that didn’t vanish me into the razor sharp whirlwinds of sand. Hoping June gets a little calmer with the wind going forward..


Khongboon Swimwear bikini | Francesca’s coverup

This style of bikini top might be my new favorite – a racer-front halter that gives maximum coverage while still looking chic as ever on the beach. However I’d definitely get that base/all over tan before sporting this style right away; talk about awkward tan lines.. But once you have that summer glow, the printed black and white set will look quite magical on you I guarantee it.