10 Things On My Fall Wishlist

Similar to spring, I go through a wardrobe purge right before we get into the “true” fall season. This is the time where I get very disciplined with myself (or try to be) by getting rid of anything I didn’t wear in the last 3 months. Yes, it’s very hard and yes, I struggle to eliminate despite my efforts.

But when I do manage to part with some items of clothing, by selling them to consignment shops or donating, it feels even better to replace them with better-quality, current pieces. I consider it recycling when I use the same check earned by selling my older clothing to purchase newer items for my seasonal wardrobe collection. For the items I can’t sell, I donate to anyone who would appreciate them; which makes my heart full & happy even more so.

10 Things On My Fall Wishlist, Tilden of To Be Bright

Here are 10 things on my fall wishlist that I’ve been coveting lately:


I’ve been eyeing a pair for a while now, but have yet to go to the store to try on. I also can’t decide what color frame I want – help!


Part of me wonders if I’d be able to pull this look off when wearing both together. Individually, the blazer would be the perfect addition to a monochromatic look like head-to-toe black. The pants would be a nice change from my over-done denim, possibly even make for a great date/event outfit option when paired with heels.


One of my favorite things to do in the fall is pair tights with my darker-colored shorts. The leather would be additional insulation most beneficial come the winter months.


I’m obsessed with the idea of fall florals, paired with a leather jacket and opting for sneaks or ankle boots depending on the occasion.


Imagine how wonderful it would be to cozy up in this oversized, soft piece of fabric when on the road. My neck & ears will be super happy about the added protection from winter chills when worn outdoors too.


Because I can NEVER have enough & NEED one in every color of the rainbow, including stripes.


Time for me to branch away from my collection and crutch of denim & participate in a more sophisticated style of longer pant options. Plus, I love how great they look with pullover sweaters slightly tucked into them.


Here’s another item I’ve been coveting for almost 2 years now; maybe Santa will be generous this year? #BigDreamin


When the weather gets colder, the cool down layers post-workout matter. I’m so used to just wearing light sleeveless tops & sports bras that I’m very limited in the sweat/water-resistant, insulating outer layer department.


Surprisingly, I don’t own a pair of go-to black booties that I feel comfortable wearing during the day & feel sexy wearing on a date. It’s always a compromise between a low or higher heel, and now it’s time to own just one & done pair. Side note,  western-inspired leather detail is very current this upcoming season.