Answering Your Questions

One year ago, I published “Understanding How to Use” which focused around WHY to use it, HOW to sign up, and WHO can use it. In 365 days, the platform has changed drastically in terms of how it’s used & by who – which led me to update the post & go into further detail about ‘How to Use as a Buyer & as an Influencer.”

By popular demand & request, here are the top questions I get about how to use with regards to the rewardStyle app/platform.


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Q: Have you found your engagement suffers from bringing the photo from a 3rd party app to Instagram?

Sadly & honestly, ever since Instagram’s algorithm change I’ve found my engagement to suffer all around no matter what I share the photo through. But thankfully there are enough people using that I’m still making sales for most of my posts, even the ones that don’t see a tremendous number of likes or comments. So that’s reassuring at times.

Q:  I just joined rewardStyle today. Since you are already an experienced user, do you know of any ways that we can do deep-linking using bookmark toolbar or some sorts? I find that the search interface within rewardStyle is loading quite slowly sometimes when linking multiple items.

If you download the Link Ninja bookmark tool and add it to your Bookmarks, it will make linking an exact item from the website itself MUCH EASIER! I use this tool 98% of the time on sites that work with RewardStyle, as the interface is SUPER SLOW as you said – unfortunately it’s been that way ever since I started using it back in 2013. I find that the Link Ninja tool helps a ton!

Q: I was wondering if you could help me figure out how I can get the commission I have made so far from the app. It’s not a large amount but I have no idea how I can actually access it and add it to my bank account.

So the way you find out what you made commission wise is actually found on the rewardStyle app or (not through LTK) because rS is the “Parent” company of LTK & the driver for all the commission links. LTK is the platform to share & shop from; rS allows you to save items, copy the links, save to folders which are then accessed through LTK; it’s also the place where you can see what items you sold & how much you made, etc.

First thing to do is login to your rewardStyle account on a computer and make sure your profile is set up completely, including PayPal payment – if you don’t have Paypal, you’ll have to set that up too in order to receive payment. MAKE SURE YOU CLICK SAVE. From there, you can see your commissions on the computer login as well as in the rewardStyle app (which is separate from LTK). Payment is only issued to your PayPal once you’ve hit $100 in commission sales. But don’t worry – even if you haven’t set up your payment method yet and you see you have $ in your commission account, it’ll still be applied once you hit your first $100.

Q: So I’m a LTK influencer but I cannot answer my emails on my rewardStyle page. It tells me my number of followers and then beside it, it mentions I have 6 emails but I can’t click on it. How do I do that?

That 6 number indicates the number of email subscribers you have. That means those 6 people will get an email notification the minute you post something new with LTK links, regardless if they liked/screenshot the image. It differs from followers because that # represents the people who want to see your posts pop up in their feeds on the LTK app when scrolling. Both #’s are important but the email subscriber # is probably the one which will earn you more money, as those people want to know when something new is posted by you immediately, rather than maybe seeing it in their feeds and maybe purchasing something.

Q: So what are the benefits to leaving the link, hashtag and mention (which looks a little spammy, in my opinion) in the Instagram caption itself? The screenshots still seem to work on the LTK app even without adding the link, as long as the picture in enabled on LTK. Couldn’t you just caption the IG picture something like ‘Screenshot this picture and and open the app to shop this outfit’?

So it’s mandatory you leave the link in the caption because that’s the part which deems it “shoppable” on the app. If removed, you won’t be able to generate sales/commission because the link acts like an identifier for LTK’s database through the IG platform (all behind-the-scenes code). In short, DON’T DELETE THE LINK from your caption. You can totally remove the @ mention and hashtags after generating the caption, during the final edits after copying/pasting on IG & before hitting “publish”, if you want to – they’re not mandatory to keep like the link.

However, the importance of keeping them (despite it looking spammy, I agree 100%) is that this will help your post get more exposure and heighten the chances of LTK seeing it and maybe reposting it on their own platform. Currently, LTK’s IG account has 3M followers, and the #liketkit hashtag is tagged in 3,135,038 posts. Because of these huge numbers, getting your post discovered is greater if you include the hashtag(s) in the caption and if you tag in the caption or the photo itself, you increase the chances of it being seen by the LTK team, possibly getting it reposted, and therefore, increasing the chances of getting more followers of the 3M audience LTK currently has!

Q: What if i want to post multiple posts through app to instagram but don’t know how to do so?? It’s only letting me post one picture on and then share it on Instagram.

So “technically” the LTK app only lets you draft a linked caption for one photo in the app itself. But once you copy/paste the caption, click PREPARE TO INSTAGRAM option, then once redirected to the IG platform >> click on the + icon at the bottom as you would to post a new IG, and from there you have the option to select more images to follow the original image you linked to in LTK; by clicking the icon for multiple images at the bottom right of the original photo (as you would if just posting multiple ones without the LTK link). Just make sure the original image (the one you linked) is the one that appears first in the carousel.

Q: I was wondering if you knew where I can find the link of my LTK profile which I can link to my Instagram page. I can’t seem to find it on the app, so maybe it’s from the desktop? I’ve seen many bloggers do it.

You should be able to find it on your desktop! Go to the LTK homepage & login to your account associated. From there, navigate the menu icon on the top right of landing page & select MY POSTS under “Featured” in the dropdown. That will take you to your profile which will have the URL to your LTK page. For example, mine is (my IG is @tobebright)

Q: I was just accepted to Rewards Style & very happy about it! So for the old posts that I have, can I still apply the link through 

As far as making past posts LTK-able, you’d have to repost them through the backend of the RS App as you would for a new post you’re linking. You can then copy the coded link from the caption created in the backend, go into your IG to your past post image, and edit the caption from there. Personally though, I’d just repost another image of the same look (if you have) so it’s fresh content to your feed & for your followers, as past posts are not always looked at depending how “old” they are.

Q: I’m curious if you know how to link entire websites with LTK? I’m looking to do a post about sales but I can only figure out how to use rS to link to direct products, and not to the general landing page of a brand I’m mentioning.

You can still use rS for homepages for sale deals & categories. I do it all the time! The only thing is that you can only do it on your computer/desktop, not on the LTK app, and you have to use the Link Ninja tool on rS. You save the Link Ninja tool onto your bookmarks, which then allows you to link anything from homepage to product on any enabled site working with rS! How to save it: Login to rS on desktop, under APPS dropdown click LINK NINJA at the very bottom, it then provides you the steps to saving it to your bookmarks and then from there, you can enable links for homepages to embed by clicking the Link Ninja tool you’ve saved to your bookmarks!

Q: I just signed up for LTK & I cannot figure out how to make a URL link that directs to my LTK profile page. How do I do that? 

The URL for your individual LTK profile is structured like this: – so for example, mine is: I like to include mine (URL) in my IG BIO for the website link & sometimes use it as the swipe up link too if you have a business IG account/over 10k for the swipe up feature.

Q: Is there a way to remove an enabled image after posting it?

Yes there is! On the RS mobile app’s main landing page (where you would go to create a new enabled image), you’ll see those already enabled/posted images below in a scroll-down list. If you just swipe left on the image intended to be removed, you’ll see a DELETE red block appear. Don’t click on the image itself to enlarge & see the products – you can only delete when seeing them all in a row on that main landing page.

Q: So I just got accepted today as a Rewardstyle influencer! Very excited!! I am setting up my account now and I am on the ‘payment details’ page. It is asking me for my “Company Name” – what would I put for that? I have not set up an LLC or anything like that yet for my blog, since I am early on with it.

Enter your “blog’s name” as the “company name” – that’s what I did too!

Q: I’m having a hard time removing products on my RewardStyle page through the folders. Is there anyway to declutter the items I’m no longer using or need to link?

Yes there is! If you’re on the RS app, navigate to the HEART icon and click on one of the folders you’ve created/want to declutter products from. If you look at the top right corner once in said folder, you’ll see the words EDIT – click on that and every product in the folder will show an X right next to them. Click the X to delete your products of choice.

Q: I have been on RS for about a year and I’m still kind of confused on some things. 1) Can I click “Get Link” and paste that on my FB business page as well as just using it for the swipe up feature in IG stories? 2) Can I message the lRS ink to someone who asks where I got a particular item but may not be an IG user? 3) Is it against the rules to use our own link? 4) Is there a way I can use link ninja on my phone?

Yes, Yes, Yes, and YES!

1) You definitely can use any RS-generated link (both product page or landing page of affiliated retailers) for both FB posts & as a swipe up link for IG Stories.

2) You can 100% include that link to send to people asking for them in your DMs/messages/texts/etc. I do it all the time!!

3) You can for sure use your own RS link when making your own purchases – super smart way to shop in my opinion!

4) Link Ninja can be used through the RS app, don’t think there’s a way it can be “bookmarked” on a phone’s internet – but it works similarly on the RS app where you search the retailer/name of product and can click the NINJA icon to get a unique link to an item you might not have saved yet or last minute need to get.

Q: I just got accredited to RewardStyle as an Influencer, but I’m not a blogger/don’t have a blog. When creating my LTK Profile, what do I do when it asks for URL/Site Name if I don’t have a website to link to?

Don’t worry! Lots of people just use LTK as IG Influencers and don’t have a website. All you have to do is link the URL to your IG account associated with RS (i.e. and type out your IG Handle name as the site name (i.e. To Be Bright).

Q: How do I add my LTK link to my IG Bio? What’s the URL I can use whenever I want to link to it in general?

The URL to your LTK is the following: – for example, mine is because my IG is @tobebright and it’s the account associated with my rS. When adding to the Website Link space on your IG Bio (under edit profile settings), you can either manually type it in or can first try it out on your server before copying/pasting into that section of your IG Bio. *Pay special attention to the URL – make sure you have “.it” and not .com after the “liketoknow” portion.

Q: I just got accepted to rS but can’t seem to link to anything on Amazon – why is that? I know a lot of Influencers link to Amazon daily so why can’t I do the same?

A couple months back, Amazon changed up its affiliation with rS after beginning it’s own affiliate program – which is open to anyone if they want to apply for it. Essentially, Amazon can still be linked to through the rS platform but we as rS users can no longer see the data associated with sales made (i.e. what item was sold through our link.) All that information is now on Amazon’s Affiliate Program should you wish to have access to that data.

Along with this change, Amazon has purposely delayed the accessibility to linking items on rS for new users for at least one month. What’s annoying about this is that rS won’t tell you/shoot you an email updating on when you have access to link to Amazon items – you sort of have to keep checking in once and a while to see if it pops up under Affiliated Retailers in your RS App. I’ve heard of some people getting access as quick as one week, others not having access for a month… it’s all a gamble of when you’ll get access but you’re given the ability to at least within one month max.


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