5 Personal Goals To Start This Spring

Burgundy Pullover Sweater, Grey Skinny Ripped Jeans, Croc Embossed Loafers, Plaid Baseball Hat, Spring Style, Tilden of To Be BrightBurgundy Pullover Sweater, Grey Skinny Ripped Jeans, Plaid Baseball Hat, Spring Style, Tilden of To Be BrightBurgundy Pullover Sweater, Grey Skinny Ripped Jeans, Croc Embossed Loafers, Plaid Baseball Hat, Spring Style, Tilden of To Be Bright

Pullover Sweater (FP dupe under $60; sized up to medium) | Grey Denim (similar here) | Croc-Embossed Loafers | Plaid Baseball Cap c/o Tenth St Hats

How many of you make a list of goals for the spring? I personally find this time to be way more productive and motivating than January; winter has a way of sucking the life out of everything lol. Now that its March & the sun is staying out later each day, I’ve gotten a whole new boost of creativity and determination to see most of my ideas/goals into fruition.

TBH – this is the first time I’m literally writing out the goals I have in mind, as opposed to letting the idea linger in my head before disappearing. I feel like this way I can hold myself accountable to at least start them by the end of May. Some are silly, some are work-related, and some are encouraging of new habits.


Learn Two (More) TikTok Dance Challenges

In case you didn’t catch my hilarious attempt of learning this dance, inspired by TikTok, then you can see here that I’m probably dreaming big when considering learning 2 more dance challenges – Renegade + the Oh Nah Nah Nah jig. IDK how these kids/adults do it but these dances are pure bliss to watch (& fun to try for myself.) The best part about TikTok is the unfiltered rawness that makes up the posted videos; unlike Instagram, it’s a place for fun and silliness which is something I’ve greatly appreciated having. You also don’t need a registered account on TikTok in order to view the videos – you can’t engage with any of them, but you can still swipe & view without doing anything more than downloading the app.

Major Closet Purge + Cabinet Clean Out

Here’s a goal that doesn’t need much explanation. It’s time to get rid of the old and prepare for the new, and that includes emptying + organizing the entry closet, kitchen cabinets & junk drawers along with my wardrobe closet space. Stay tuned for a post that will reveal before & afters of each, which will include the types of storage + organizer tools I went with as well!

Practice Speaking French Again

Our family trip to Morocco in January really inspired me to pick up French again, after being exposed to speaking the language more frequently than I have in years. I took French all throughout middle & high school, and tested out of having to take it in college (big mistake.) Although I understand it better than I can speak it, I completely lost my ability to determine the proper verb tenses. Seeing that Thomas and I might plan a trip to France or another French speaking country in the future, now would be a great time to remove the rust on this 2nd language of mine. I’m looking into taking classes online but if anyone has any recommendations of apps/programs (like Duolingo), please let me know what you’re experience has been!

Design Our Bedroom Space

This has been a long time coming but I’m setting myself up with a deadline to start planning out how we’re going to decorate our bedroom space by the end of March. It’s the only thing left to figure out in our apartment and it’s slowly tormenting me each night as it remains to be a room of chaos and storage, not a peaceful oasis I’d like for it to be.

Take A Plant 101 Workshop Class

This has been on my bucket list for a while & I finally found availability to take a Plants 101 Workshop class in NYC through The Sill – one of my go-to online plant retailers! The plant enthusiast in me wants to learn more about the proper care of my indoor species, so I’m really looking forward to experiencing this workshop on March 26.