The Trick To Finding The Perfect Pair Of Overalls

High-Rise Overalls (on sale!) | Mock Turtleneck Sweater | Chelsea Boots | Snakeskin Booties | Leather Tote

Happy Friday Friends! One of my tried-and-true wardrobe staples I’ve had over the years, including my childhood, are overalls. I simply can’t get enough of them. I’ve styled many pairs of overalls on the blog over the years, from how to dress them up to styling pairs other than denim. What I love the most about them is that I’ve been able to wear them throughout my adult years, thanks to the transition overalls have made in terms of fit. They’ve gone from a child’s playsuit to a house chore uniform to a sophisticated ensemble option in a matter of 20 years, which is pretty impressive for a garment to adapt like that.

One of the biggest things I hear about overalls is the FEAR of wearing them, especially for petite women & ladies over 35. While I understand that the look isn’t for everyone, preference-wise, it doesn’t mean you can’t wear them! Nowadays they have so many options of overalls in terms of fit, similar to jeans. The trick is finding the pair that works best for your body type is by using your favorite pair of jeans as your template.

For me, I prefer a high-rise skinny jean & this pair of overalls I’m wearing above is exactly that! If you’re more of a cropped flare jean gal, then you might appreciate this pair here. Appreciate a more relaxed fit? Here’s a pair of overalls that fits that bill, too. The options are endless!

Originally when writing this post, I wanted to show how you can wear overalls from the office to happy hour (depending on company dress code, of course.) But I think sharing the trick to finding the right pair is more beneficial. Quickly before signing off for the weekend, I want to shoutout the simple difference in booties that elevates the potential of this overalls outfit suitable for both work & after hours.  Also, this zippered leather tote bag is BY FAR the best work bag I’ve ever come across. The zipper makes it incredible, by default, but also the fact I can customize it is everything. The quality is outstanding & if black isn’t your vibe, there are 15 more colors to pick from!

Have a fantastic weekend!