8 Days of Gift Guides | For The Beauty Queen

Day 5 of Gift-Giving!

I’m not a huge makeup guru but I definitely have a few products I rely on to get my hair & face ship shape each day.

Considering I have problem/focus areas that require specialized products (i.e. dry skin, color-treated hair, etc.) I think I’ve found the best of the best when it comes to tackling these minor set-backs.


  •  Foreo Luna 2 Exfoliator – Probably the best thing to happen to my face cleansing routine this year. Each device is specialized for the type of skin you have (indicated by color) & they even have one specially made for men!
  • Pureology Color Treatment Spray & Shampoo/Conditioner – These products have been a God send for my hair ever since I got it balayage’d/ombre’d. What’s crazy is that my hair hasn’t gotten used to it, which means I get a great shampoo/conditioner treatment each time I use it!
  • Dr. Brandt Magnetight Mask – I tried this life-changing face mask a few months back and swear by it today. The process of applying and removing with a magnet is so wild, on top of the fact you don’t wash the mask off! You end up rubbing it in after most of the magnet’s removal & your face feels hydrated and softer than a baby’s ass, I kid you not.
  • NAKED Nude Eye Palette – The only makeup I’m featuring in this collage but I couldnt be happier with this handy collection of neutrals. The colors are perfectly blended and can easy amp your casual day look while getting you nighttime-chic when the time comes.
  • Moroccan Oil Hair Mask – All you split-ended and dry scalp humans (like me) will benefit from this miracle mask designed to hydrate and restore the strands on your head. This brand has never let me down!
  • Yon-Ka Paris Serum & Moisturizer – Another line of products designed for your specific type of skin. This brand has NEVER irritated my face, which is super sensitive and dry at the moment with this harsh winter. YKP has seriously been on the defense once applied to my face and it’s such a relief!