8 Days of Gift Guides | For The Jetsetter

Day 8 of my 8 Days of Gift Guides!

Finishing this series with a guide that’s designed for the person with a travel bug. It’s all about jettin’ off in style and these are the gifts to help.


  • Hard-Case Carry On Roller Bag – Keep those valuables safe no matter where in the plane this bag will lie. Plus you’ll never lose it because it’s unlikely anyone will have a pattern like this as well!
  • The Weekender Bag – Perfect for that 2-day trip where you want to pack just enough.
  • Portable Charger – Plug in ahead of time to reward yourself with (3) full battery charges later; you’ll be thankful AF.
  • Fitbit Flex 2 – Stay on track with your fitness & sleep even while away; this specific one is WATERPROOF! Best thing ever.
  • Henri Bendel Jetsetter Backpack – Of course the Jetsetter human MUST have the Jetsetter bag! This spacious style converts to a shoulder bag too, so you can save space by packing a bag that works for the plane and for your dinner reservation!
  • Fashion Emergency Kit – Things happen when you least expect it, so be prepared for the worst with a kit that might spare you from an embarrassing public moment. Plus if you forgot to pack something minor, it’s likely you’ll have a backup in here.
  • Trendy Eye Mask – Tune out the mass transit world around you and give them something to be envious of while you’re at it.