Adding Ice Cream to the Wedding Diet

Thank you so much Halo Top® for sponsoring this post! As always, all opinions are my own.

One of the things I’m known for in my inner circle is my obsession with ice cream. Like seriously – I can eat it every day, even on the coldest winter days. I can confidently say I scream for it.. especially when it’s not in our freezer. Oh, such sadness when it’s not in the household :[.

Since the start of the new year & especially since getting engaged, Thomas & I have made a conscious effort to eat smarter with healthier alternatives in our everyday meals. We’ve been cooking a lot more and order takeout a lot less, which surprisingly hasn’t been that difficult to follow through with; which is shocking, because I’m not the biggest fan of cooking after a long work day. Yet somehow it hasn’t bothered me much to meal prep & cook 5/7 days each week (yet.) However – I was very bitter earlier in the month of Jan while under the impression I’d have to make a very serious sacrifice (cough* ice cream *cough) if I were to commit to this lifestyle change. Can’t imagine why, it’s not like I’m obsessed with it or anything..


Having avoided the frozen dairy aisle for a hot second, you have NO IDEA how excited this rediscovery of Halo Top® Ice Cream made me, especially in this vulnerable state from lack of “dessert.” I’ve been a fan for years, having shared low-calorie sundae ideas with Halo Top® flavors a couple years ago (that post was completely organic too – like I said, I’m obsessed with ice cream haha.)

Halo Top® has since added a handful of new flavors to its low-cal, high-protein lineup – including a Keto Series of pints! But what remains the same is the amazing fact that I “could” eat an entire pint of Halo Top® without feeling the negative effects of guilt nor discomfort from dairy overload. These pints are the perfect size portions to enjoy yourself or share if you feel like it.

– My Top 5 Flavors –





Although Halo Top® can be found in most stores, it’s rare you find a destination that carries more than 2-3 flavors. Luckily, Walmart carries practically every flavor of Halo Top® ever created (in most store locations.) In addition to the tasty 5 shown above, I’ve also tried & highly recommend these flavors below:





With Halo Top®, I can finally take ice cream off the “no-no” list & it truly makes my heart burst with happiness. After all, rules are made to be frozen – am I right!?

ALSO – Be on the lookout for NEW Halo Top® Keto Pops: Frozen Dessert and Halo Top® Fruit Pops: Fruit Bars coming this April! 50% less sugar, made with real fruit and fewer calories than the leading brand.