Animals Forever


Cheetahlicious. Not trying to be a Cheetah Girl, but I couldn’t help myself. This shirt is one cool cat.

Okay, I’m done with the pathetic puns, but I’m seriously happy about this shirt. Animal prints are always in, but when it actually shows the entire animal, well damn. Forever 21 had it hiding within a bomber jacket (which sparked interest for fall outfit ideas) and it happened to be the only one. Did I mention it was my size? Not sorry about it.

What I’m trying to explain are two things: 1. If you see something that gives you that excited feeling, like a ‘love at first sight’ situation, follow your gut and get it. There’s nothing worse than thinking about how things could have been if you bought that special something that someone else got instead. 2. Consider the alternative. If not animal print or animals, then maybe one stripe on a sweater instead of 20 horizontal navy ones everyone else has. Catch my drift? It’s just a suggestion, but why conform when you can stand out with the same general thing?